Iceland Airwaves




SONG PICK: einarindra – Dóttir feat. Sillus

His music is a reflection of the stunning country he is from and living in: mysterious and overwhelmingly beautiful. At home in Reykjavik, Iceland einarindra has made a name for himself and won many fans thanks to the ethereal, enigmatic electro pop he creates. We are among Einar Indra‘s fans[…]

SONG PICK: Detalji – Forever

Here at glamglare the Iceland Airwaves fever heats up. As always, there is a fantastic lineup with lots of new music to discover. For example, we are looking forward to see Finnish singer and producer Krista Myllyviita who records as Detalji. Her latest song “Forever” is a friendly electronic dance[…]

Iceland #Airwaves2019 – We’re going again!

Daylight savings has just passed and the days began to get longer again in New York City, when in 2016 Oliver had the idea to attend Iceland Airwaves, the music festival held in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. The festival had its humble beginnings in November 1999 with a one-off event in[…]

Q&A with Penelope Isles (#airwaves19)

Even before we saw Brighton-based quartet Penelope Isles live for the first time during this year’s The New Colossus Festival in New York, we were already fans of their beautifully crafted indie rock. Founded by singer/songwriter siblings Lily and Jack Wolter, the band consists further of Becky Redford (bass) and[…]

Impressions and Photos of Iceland Airwaves 2018

We didn’t see much of Iceland, when we visited the island for Iceland Airwaves two years ago. Thick low-hanging clouds and frequent rain were blocking the view of the majestic surroundings of Reykjavík most of the time. Huddled into our winter coats (the wind renders umbrellas impractical), we rushed shivering[…]

Q&A with Vök (#airwaves18)

Today, Reykjavik’s music festival Iceland Airwaves released their official app, on which attendees can favorite the bands they want to experience live. There is also a function that lets you see who has been “scheduled” the most and it comes as absolutely no surprise that Icelandic indie-electronic trio Vök currently holds[…]

SONG PICK: Vök – Night And Day

One week from now we will wake up very early morning in Iceland for four days filled with music from the island and from all over the world. For sure on our Iceland Airwaves 2018 must see list is Icelandic trio Vök around singer Margrét Rán. Their new track “Night[…]

Q&A with EinarIndra (#airwaves18)

Two years ago, EinarIndra basically kickstarted Iceland Airwaves for us, taking us under his spell with his show, the first one we saw in Reykjavik. There is something very particular and mesmerizing about the Icelandic brand of indie electronic music, and EinarIndra’s is especially moving. We met EinarIndra again on[…]

Q&A with Holy Nothing (#airwaves18)

A music festival like Iceland Airwaves allows for unexpected music discoveries yet also holds room for long(er) time favorites. In fall 2015, Holy Nothing released their exquisite electro pop album “Hypertext”, which made us want to see them live when they played SXSW the following year. And while there was no[…]