Dawn Cadence

Dawn Cadence – odyssey

Today, Vanessa Richardson, aka Dawn Cadence released her debut album odyssey. Her music demands attention: the skillful electronic tracks are sonic sculptures as much as pop songs and often leave you in astonishment after they fade. Fortunately, Vanessa is here to help and tell us some of the stories behind[…]


Q&A with Sandra Arslanian of Sandmoon

Two years ago, “Angels” by Beirut-based indie rock four-piece Sandmoon was one of my top ten favorite tracks of the year. Now the band offers eight new thoughtful and carefully crafted songs on their third full-length album While We Watch the Horizon Sinking. Listen to the album below and meet[…]

SONG PICK: Dead Menace – Moving to Japan

When I came across Dance Routine, the three-track EP by British alternative electronic pop-band Dead Menace, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature “Moving to Japan” on glamglare because the song has plenty of heart in its infectious dark electro-beat body. It also helps that Dead Menace cites some[…]

Quantum Random Transmutation

Fantastic worlds: Quantum Random Transmutation

Numerous exciting projects want to enhance a music experience with virtual reality. Paris-based artist Alexia Charoud teamed up with U.S. musician and producer Virtual Perfection Cowboy to create an art installation that you can explore directly in your web browser with no fancy goggles required (you need a real computer[…]

Abby Sage

SONG PICK: Abby Sage – Fever Dream

“Fever Dream” deals with one of the hardest situations in a relationship: unrequited love. In her new song L.A.-based singer/songwriter Abby Sage tries to fix what is not fixable until angry guitars screech about the futility of her attempts. She shares about the song: ‘There’s a fire in your mind[…]

SONG PICK: Ross Newhouse – Ohio

When a talented singer/songwriter, comfortably at home in the folk music genre, adds electronic elements to his music, magic can happen! Swing States, the new EP by Ross Newhouse proofs this concept right. The production of the three tracks on the EP is stellar, evoking the sound of eclectic folk-pop grandmaster[…]

SONG PICK: in earnest – The Days in Between

“Reasons to Stay Alive” is the title of the new EP by U.K. trio in earnest. And while the main songwriters Sarah Holburn and Tom Eatherton have their own stories to tell, the reflections on this gap-less six-track record deeply resonate in a broader sense. Our Song Pick of the[…]

Laura Jinn

Track by Track: New EP “Sick!” by Laura Jinn

Today, Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Laura Jinn releases her new EP “Sick!,” a razor-sharp production, both musically and lyrically. Set to classic synth-pop reminiscent of early Depeche Mode, Laura gives an honest account of the life around her. And while she does not beat around the bush with her message,[…]