3 Is A Band




3 Is A Band: Bleeker

Bleeker originate from Toronto, Canada and will be soon on tour through the U.K. I recently came across their stunning self-titled debut EP and since they are a trio, they are ideal for my #3IsABand series! Bleeker are comprised of Taylor Perkins (vocals), Cole Perkins (guitars) and Mike Van Dyk (bass) and together they[…]

3 Is A Band: VanLadyLove

VanLadyLove, an electro-pop/rock trio from Provo, UT are going on a tour across the United States and since they also make a stop in New York City, Pianos that is, I was curious how they would sound like, especially since they are three! Turns out Travis Van Hoff (vocals, keys, guitar),[…]

3 Is A Band: FACIAL

Most cool music discoveries have a story, some do not, yet others have a more personal one. The latter is true for FACIAL, a fascinating noise-rock trio from Los Angeles. When I first listened to their debut album “Mistress”, and then on repeat some more, I knew I wanted to write about the band. FACIAL, consisting[…]

3 Is A Band: Nikki’s Wives

When I listened to Nikki’s Wives for the first time and learned that they are a trio, I knew I had a cool band for our 3 Is A Band feature! Based in Toronto, Canada, Nikki’s Wives are comprised of Nikki Whitehead, who lends the trio her effortless cool and smoky vocals as well[…]

3 Is A Band: The Greasy Slicks

A few days ago, I came across The Greasy Slicks, another absolutely rad indie blues rock band with psychedelic and even grunge touches. The main hubs -solely from my own perspective- for bands like this seem to be London, New York and Melbourne. This trio, and they are often trios, comes[…]

3 Is A Band: Nyre

Nyre is an indie rock trio based in San Francisco. The band is comprised of Tigran Gevondyan, who plays lead guitar and lends his vocals to the songs, Sevag Makasdjian, who plays bass and sings back up vocals and then there’s also Kevork Demirjian, who plays drums.  A classic three piece! Together they create psych rock inspired melancholic pop.[…]

3 Is A Band: Warm Graves

Despite their rather morbid band name, suggesting grinding death metal or the like, Warm Graves, based in Leipzig, create sound that is more mellow than agitating. Yes, the trio’s sound is deep and dark, but they call their music sci-fidelic-rock and their debut album “Ships Will Come”, released on This Charming[…]

3 Is A Band: The Hecks

The Hecks are an industrial, dark post-punk, noise trio from Chicago consisting of Andy Mosiman (guitar, vocals), Dave Vettraino (guitar, vocals) and Zach Hebert (drums,vocals). They have just released “The Thaw”, the blistering single to their upcoming debut album “The Hecks”, to be released later this year on September 2nd[…]

3 Is A Band: N-A-I-V-E-S

The sound of N-A-I-V-E-S screams Summer, in all its variations and incarnations: hot, sticky (aka infectious), sunny, glamorous, lush, happy, upbeat… One is quick to think that this three piece originates from sunny California or maybe Australia or at the very least South of something… yet Marc Jacc (vocals, multiple instruments), Lapo Frost[…]

3 Is A Band: Joseph

Sometimes, I don’t even need to actually listen to a band to know that I’m intrigued. Gimme siblings, gimme sisters, gimme my second favorite state (after New York, and  to make it easy, it is Oregon) and then a really cool album title like “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” – and[…]