MUSIC BUZZ: Crystal Castles // Torres // More

When singer Alice Glass left Crystal Castles half a year ago, it didn’t look like they split in friendship and that the band was over. Now there’s a new song with a new singer who sounds much like Alice. Pitchfork interviewed producer Ethan Kath for some background: “Frail” was recorded[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Empress Of // Ibeyi // Nothing More // Vinyl // More

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Empress Of finally moves ahead with her debut album, now expected to come out in late summer. She also released a single (do you still call it that?), which raises expectations. French duo Ibeyi, who released my so far favorite album of the year, come back to North[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Band names // Banks // Tidal // More

Paste Magazine has a nice piece about the request to change the band name throughout the music history. For example the Spanish band Hinds (fka Deers): “We received an email from a Canadian lawyer saying that our name created confusion with his band’s name. And that name is not even[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Ibeyi // Mothxr // Emika // Tidal // More

This weekend Ibeyi wraps up their North America tour before they set over to Europe. I’m sure they will be back later this year, but in the meantime, there’s a live video of their show in Paris. Ever thought about forming a band? New York’s Mothxr tells how they did[…]


SXSW in Austin, Texas wrapped up last Sunday and most attendants agree that it was an improvement over last year’s event: it was slightly smaller, better organized and felt a good deal safer. The New York Times sums it up: This year SXSW took a small yet welcome step back[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: SXSW // Warpaint // Blurred Lines

Next Tuesday, the music section of SXSW in Austin kicks off. Elke and I attended last year and had the time of our lives, even though it was supposed to be “miserable”. The thing is, if you see the event with fresh eyes, you just notice something like a Doritos[…]

The MoMA Björk retrospective

Last year, we had a young friend from Germany visiting us with her boyfriend. At some point we came to mention Björk, but both of them drew a complete blank. ”The musician?” Elke tried to explain, “The swan dress at the Oscars?” But nothing. Later, Elke and I joked, wouldn’t[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Björk // U2 // More

Björk’s MoMA retrospective starts at MoMA to almost universally bad critique. Of course, if you don’t have to concern yourself with the general state of contemporary art and MoMA’s reputation of curating it, you can just go and enjoy. We did, and a review follows soon here on glamglare. U2’s[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Zane Lowe // Rhapsody // More

Zane Lowe is one of U.K.’s most famous radio personalities and he is well known for kick-starting artists’ carriers, for example Elke’s and my 2014 top ten favorite Banks. Now he moves to LA and works for Apple. Naturally, Apple won’t tell what his future role will be, but it[…]