Life Soundtrack





Did you already play your favorite song by Prince? Which one was it? It’s impossible to pick just one from this larger than life musical genius. My humble vinyl collection here can not even begin to express how much Prince meant to me during young adulthood in the 80s. My friends[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Foreigner – 4

Winter 1982. I was with my class on a skiing trip in Austria. After a long day in the mountains, I would relax on my bed and listen to a mix tape that I taped from the weekly charts show on the public Bavarian radio station. One song I remember[…]

Life Soundtrack: Jean-Michel Jarre – The Concerts in China

Recently I saw this promotional video of French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, which reminded me of a phase in the 80s, when I bought all his albums, which were by then already a few years old and hence cheaper. I was surprised how many iconic instrumentals he wrote, for[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Undertow

In the light of Jenny Lee Lindbergs first solo show ever yesterday at Baby’s All Right (watch out for photos in the next days), here’s a throwback to 2010, when her band’s ascent to a indie rock favorite with fans all over the world began. I’m sure the four members[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Grimes – Weregild

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Grimes – Weregild Grimes just announced her new album Art Angels and is now all over the place in the Internet and other media. From all we know, Grimes is still Claire Boucher’s one-woman show, although she surly has some help to manage her ever-growing operations. Claire is[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Mondays

It’s Throwback Thursday, which also happens to be my birthday today and time for a new entry in our “Life Soundtrack” series. October 8th, 1979 among my presents was the 7″ of Boomtown Rat’s monster hit I don’t like Mondays. I still have the single, although it clearly shows its[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm

In 1985 I knew Grace Jones mostly of her role as a Bond villain’s right hand in A View to a Kill. When she released Slave To the Rhythm, I liked the song well enough to buy album, which is actually mostly different interpretations of the same song combined with[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Placebo – Pure Morning

On our second visit in New York City in 1998, for the occasion of our honeymoon, we visited the Virgin Megastore on Times Square, which of course doesn’t exist anymore. I bought two records there: Hole’s Celebrity Skin and Placebo’s Without You I’m Nothing. Both bands I had no idea[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Depeche Mode – Strangelove

With the summer waning, on the calendar, not exactly weather-wise in NYC yet, I’m thinking of memorable music-related summer moments in my life. One of them was 1987 in the Southern France town of St. Tropez. I was with a friend on a four weeks poset graduation trip and we[…]


LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Spliff – Herzlichen Glückwunsch

<iframe src=”//;enablejsapi=1″ height=”480″ width=”640″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””> Elke already introduced the Berlin band Spliff, whose first two albums were both excellent. They became my favorite band with their second release Herzlichen Glückwunsch (“Congratulations”). It has a similar structure like its predecessor 85555 with a weird and trippy opener, a epic[…]