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Q & A with Singer and Producer Dawn Cadence

Dawn Cadence is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and producer Vanessa Richardson. While the 20-year-old Canadian quotes Kate Bush and Sade as her influences, among others, she does not try to imitate any of them but maps her own path through pop music. You can witness this in her[…]


The German capital Berlin is one of the music hot spots in the world and not just for electronic and dance music, but for an array of other genres as well. Musicians here also have a lot of resolve to experiment: music made in Berlin tends to defy genre boundaries[…]

New Artist: Q&A with Naomi Wild

Naomi Wild has some story to tell. As a teenager, she went to Coachella to see her idols on the big stage with 100,000 other fans. Next thing, she stood up there herself with electronic music superstars Odesza, singing a song she had written and submitted to the band’s public[…]

NEW ARTIST: Miss Naivety

Irina Shtreis is an Iceland-based musician originally hailing from Russia. When we met her at a social gathering during the fabulous Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik, we chatted about various things before Irina revealed that she has been working on two connected EPs over the last two years. She recorded[…]

NEW ARTIST: Sera Selin

Some people just need to create. Consuming art cannot fully satisfy them – they have to release their own work into the world. Sera Selin, 16-year old singer/songwriter is one of them. Equipped with a musical education on the piano since her early childhood, she “got bored of playing other[…]

NEW ARTIST: Milkywhale

Milkywhale is a new Icelandic music project, a collaboration between singer/dancer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and FM Belfast‘s Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson. They are among the artists to play this year’s Iceland Airwaves and with that much buzz around their live shows on our list of must-see-acts. Listen to the excellent synth-pop track “Goodbye”:[…]


“Johnny”, the debut track by young UK artist Frances Murray aka Blab, is a song that immediately draws you in with its catchy melody, the noisy guitars and her wonderfully clear and controlled vocals. Frances performs, records and produces her music alone, which adds to the charm and intimacy of a bedroom[…]

NEW ARTIST: Digit + Stas

Meet Brooklyn’s Nastasia Avrutin, aka Digit + Stas, who seems to command an entire orchestra in her apartment. You will find layers of brass and strings, mixed with electronics and beats and dark vocals, resulting in rich, cinematic songs with an haunting effect. Nastasia has released a batch of songs[…]

NEW ARTIST: Year Of The Brother

Always happy to find upbeat music, that’s not too sugary sweet or trying too hard to please, I recently came across “So Far, So Good” by Year Of The Brother. The band, consisting of Brennan Mari (lead vocals), Elijah Gundlach (guitars and other instruments) and Tom Rydquist (production), could have also a gotten a[…]

NEW ARTIST: L. $hamPain

I don’t know much more about L. $hamPain than that she is from Texas and records all her music alone in her bedroom. That narrative matches her music: listen for example to Take Me Out Tonight on her EP Turtles all the Way Down where she coos “Take me Out[…]