Rose Brokenshire

Rose Brokenshire releases EP and answers questions

Back in spring, when the unique circumstances of 2020 began to unfold, Toronto-bases singer/songwriter Rose Brokenshire released a song that felt like a perfect reflection of our changed lives. Back then, she announced three more songs and today you can listen to all of them on her new EP “In A Spell,” which showcases Rose’s songwriting from a new side.

Q&A with Daragh

Earlier this year, we featured Daragh‘s song “Pretend” and realized that we had written about the Irish singer, songwriter, and producer before when he was part of the more electronic-leaning duo Company Ink. What makes someone leave a successful musical project and start a solo career? Curious, we checked out[…]


Q&A with Odina

If you are not familiar with the music of Blanca Romeo aka Odina, here is a bit of a warning: her music can hit you with a raw emotional intensity, that is hard to shrug off. You could feel this special kind of intimacy and honesty in each of the[…]


Q&A with Notelle

Notelle is a musician and songwriter, deeply involved in the sprawling pop music scene in Nashville, TN. In 2018, she started releasing a series of singles under her own name, crafting her signature sound which is darker and heavier than most contemporary pop music. We wanted to know more about[…]

Albums of the Week

New Album Releases

DMAs – Glow NZCA LINES – Pure Luxury Moscow Apartment – Better Daughter (EP) Drinker – They Don’t Want To Know (EP) Juliet July – Palm Trees in the Mist (EP) James Humphrys – Memory Palace (EP)

Q&A with Slye

Sometimes one song is all it takes to make a lasting impression and spur curiosity and deeper interest! “The Mirror” by songwriter, guitarist, and singer Slye is such a magical song. Yet all of Slye’s R&B and funk-inspired, soulful music offers this magnetic pull and stunning beauty, and that’s why[…]

Dance Loud

Q&A With Dance Loud

Dance Loud is the Chicago-based duo of producer and DJ Kristin Sanchez and guitarist, drummer and vocalist Desereé Fawn Zimmerman. They have just released their debut album “The Moment,” an intriguing fusion of dance-floor-ready beats and accessible, catchy pop music. Kristin and Deserée play all instruments and record and produce all music themselves. They were so kind to answer a few questions that give us a glimpse into where they come from and how their creative process works.

Sophie Colette

Q&A with Sophie Colette

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sophie Colette has released a series of singles over the last few years that are hard to get out of your mind once you heard them. Catchy hooks and quirky angles on a variety of relationship-centered topics will make you sing along in no time. Her songs also[…]