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Enny Owl

Q&A with Enny Owl

The LA singer/songwriter Enny Owl released her new album Home in Humans, last Friday, and it became an instant favorite here at glamglare. Enny Owl shines with an innovative and unique music style combined with engaging storytelling. Listen to the album here and learn more about the artist in our[…]


Q&A with Atka

Today, the London-based singer/songwriter Atka, née Sarah Neumann, releases her debut record The Eye Against the Ashen Sky. Listen to the EP below and read on about the fascinating stories behind the music and the artist. Your debut EP The Eye Against the Ashen Sky was released today, but you[…]

Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley Q&A

Come Friday, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Savannah Conley releases her debut album Playing the Part of You is Me. Here at glamglare, we’re already in love with the record: each song has a different vibe and shines a light on relationships from a different angle. Savannah was so kind to answer a[…]


Meet Rainlights, NYC singer, songwriter and producer

“When My Phone Dies,” the first single of NYC musician Rachel Chevat, aka Rainlights, hits you by surprise with its thoughtful lyrics and intricate production. The follow-up, “Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You,” dazzles no less: with a few strokes, Rachel creates a rich sonic picture of summer carefreeness. Today,[…]


Q&A with Sandra Arslanian of Sandmoon

Two years ago, “Angels” by Beirut-based indie rock four-piece Sandmoon was one of my top ten favorite tracks of the year. Now the band offers eight new thoughtful and carefully crafted songs on their third full-length album While We Watch the Horizon Sinking. Listen to the album below and meet[…]

Q & A with Singer and Producer Dawn Cadence

Dawn Cadence is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and producer Vanessa Richardson. While the 20-year-old Canadian quotes Kate Bush and Sade as her influences, among others, she does not try to imitate any of them but maps her own path through pop music. You can witness this in her[…]

Paula Jivén by Eveline Johnsson (Edit by The Corlene Machine)

Q & A With Paula Jivén

Today, Swedish pop singer/songwriter Paula Jivén releases her debut EP “The Duality in Me” – before she even graduates from high school. In five expertly crafted pop songs that assert her own style of pop music, she says goodbye to her childhood. Paula was so kind to give us some[…]


Q&A with Anastave

Originally based in NYC, the singer, songwriter, and producer Anastave moved to Berlin to find new inspiration to follow up her 2016 excellent debut album “From the Other Side of the Fire.” Life is rarely straightforward, so a few years went by until she was ready to release new music.[…]


Q&A With Babehoven

Today, New York-based singer/songwriter Maya Bon aka Babehoven releases her latest EP, “Nastavi, Calliope.” This new piece of work is based on deeply personal experiences and musically takes a new, more experimental direction. We are fascinated with her music and reached out to Maya, who was game for answering our questions.[…]