Late Night




LATE NIGHT: Rudie Edwards – Lover Like You

Rudie Edwards went to London to “make some bloody noise that doesn’t sound like all of the other bloody noise out there and ‘Lover Like You’ is about knowing what you want from a lover and not being afraid to express it or ask for it.” Her lasted track “Lover[…]

LATE NIGHT: Max Flynn – Shuffle

“Shuffle” is a smokin’ hot heat wave of a song, absolutely mesmerizing with an almost overwhelmingly sexy vibe. Addictive! Considering this is only the debut of Melbourne-based producer Max Flynn? There should be more where this came from and we’ll be read for it! Listen to this beautiful indie electronic pearl:


Deliberately instrumented, making every single note count, lost in reverie and totally mesmerizing that is “Alter”, the new single by London artist RYD. “Alter” is enchanting with its distant sounding, yet alluring vocals and it’s so easy to get lost within the surreal, dreamy vibe. Listen to “Alter” now:

LATE NIGHT: Kinkajous – All Kinds

A couple of days after we had moved to New York City, we had a late night ride along the east side of Manhattan in cab that had an excellent sound system playing jazz music. The cabbie, of course, was not playing the London nu-jazz quintet Kinkajous back then, but[…]

LATE NIGHT: Nerve Leak – Moon Pull

In “Moon Pulls”, Sam Friedman, the electronic musician who records as Nerve Leak, captures an intimate moment that scratches the border between joy and pain. Sam says about the song: Writing “Moon Pulls” was a unique process for me, because the lyrics came before the music, and usually when that[…]

LATE NIGHT: I Am Karate – Swayze

The song is what the title suggests: an homage to the late actor Patrick Swayze. The lyrics include references to his 1990 hit movie “Ghost”, but that is not why we put this song on the “Late Night” spot. Erika Soldh Ahlström and Marta Petterson from Stockholm, Sweden, aka I[…]

LATE NIGHT: Passerine – White Shadows and Grey Noise

Australian electronic-trio Passerine deliver with “White Shadows and Grey Noise” a highly infectious new single that makes you want to jump up from wherever you are and start dancing. At the same time though the track can also be an invitation to kick back, relax and simply muse about the[…]

LATE NIGHT: Kauf – A Ruin

Kauf is an electronic musician based in Los Angeles, who creates beautifully flowing, mesmerizing tracks with sparse but rich vocals to go with. A full length album is scheduled for later this year but for now there are two singles and lots of remixes, to get our anticipation going. Here’s “A[…]

LATE NIGHT: Young Summer – Paused Parade

You hear people speaking in the background, when the sparse piano melody and Bobbi Allen’s vocals set in. It is music for a quiet moment of reflection, maybe the moment when you step out on a balcony and leave a party behind you. “Are You With Me?”, she sings and[…]