Late Night




LATE NIGHT: MIDOCA feat. Lost Boy Crow – Never Coming Down

There’s an almost desperate, irresistible beauty to “Never Coming Down”, the latest single by Los Angeles producer MIDOCA, featuring Lost Boy Crow. The smooth, yet at the same time edgy vocals harmonize perfectly with the restrained instrumentation and create the perfect song for the darker hours of the day but since music is[…]

LATE NIGHT: Sunjacket – Not Enough

Ever wondered what resignation sounds like? The Chicago quartet Sunjacket make melancholy sound hauntingly beautiful on their debut single “Not Enough”. The track is the first release from their upcoming full-length album “Mantra”. “Not Enough” showcases Sunjacket’s dark, deeply layered, syncopated synth-rock. In “Not Enough” the bright and gorgeous vocal harmonies contrast exquisitely with[…]


London electronic duo SUNS have just dropped their new single “Catalyse”, following last Fall’s EP “We Were Kings”. When the track starts, one is tempted to dismiss it as cool but… but a few more beats in, there’s no more question, we’re hooked! Didn’t see this coming… “Catalyse” develops, takes some turns[…]

LATE NIGHT: Kllo – Walls to Build

Get your Saturday night started with “Walls to Build”, the latest track by Australian duo Kllo. It has summer, dance and excitement built in and if I had a car, I would play it on the way to the next party, on full volume.

LATE NIGHT: Titanics – Close Enough

Imagine at the end of a hectic day with only little to no time for slowing down, to start listening to “Close Enough”: it’s easy to get lost in a positively refreshing bliss of sound and sheer beauty. It’s all I wish for in a song to help me rewind. “Close Enough” is the latest[…]

LATE NIGHT: Alpines – Completely

Looking forward to the weekend? “Completely” a new track by London duo Alpines has the vibe of a night where anything can happen. “You make it seem so easy / the way you have me completely” sings Catherine Pockson. I hope this feels still so good next Monday.

LATE NIGHT: LYONN – The Symphony

“The Symphony”, the debut single by Californian duo LYONN, gets you hooked -and onto the dancefloor- right from start! It is an infectiously upbeat and truly charming tune, and if the music alone would not have convinced me that this is one amazing track, then the lyrics did the trick. There’s this line that my[…]

LATE NIGHT: Nerve Leak – DR34M5

This track by Brooklyn via Richmond, VA producer Sam Friedman aka Nerve Leak is indeed like a dream: it floats between bright and dark, with elevating and sometimes nightmarish moments, all kept together by a chilled beat. After you have heard it, you want to rewind to relive it and,[…]

LATE NIGHT: Agelast – Fever

In the mood for something Saturday-night cool, the perfect mix of synths, dance beat, rock guitars and vocal chops all accumulating in a hard-to-resist super catchy track? Look no further but listen to “Fever” now, the new single by Agelast, a duo from… nope, neither LA, nor New York but Nashville! “Fever” is one these[…]

LATE NIGHT: Notaker – Infinite

“Infinite” is one of the immediately absolutely awesome EDM tracks, one without annoying bells and whistles, like coffee with too much milk, or a drink with too much ice cubes in it. “Infinite” by Notaker just flows along and the journey is just too much fun to not repeat it. Again,[…]