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What makes a great music festival?

In anticipation of The New Colossus Festival 2023 [First published in our weekly newsletter, February 13, 2023.] Certain key ingredients are needed to create an interesting music festival. It starts with an attractive city. Then, of course, isn’t it all about the performing artists? The music itself. You would want[…]

Lovechild – Hats Off

Today’s my #glamglarepick feature and hey, I’ve enjoyed 5 (five!) days of live music. Five days filled with gorgeous sounds, beautiful people, great vibes, and just all-around a fantastic time. Lio, Steven, and Mike, the three founders of the New Colossus Festival know what they’re doing. And they know music.[…]

Thus Love – Inamorato (Video)

One of the most exciting bands to play this year’s New Colossus Festival are Thus Love, a post-punk trio from Brattleboro, Vermont. The three-piece just got signed to Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, and their debut album is announced for this fall. With only one song officially released, this one song[…]


Laveda – bb

Almost exactly two years ago the Albany, NY-based indie rock duo Laveda embarked on a tour leading to SXSW, including a glamglare showcase. Then you-know-what happened, and we were all stopped in our tracks. It is a manifest of resilience that Laveda is back to do it again, including showcases[…]

Sunglaciers – Out Of My Skull (Video)

What’s in a name? It’s about the music and good band names are already taken anyway. Think again and start listening to “Out Of My Skull,” the new single by Canadian psychedelic post-punk band Sunglaciers. Alone writing or saying the band’s name puts a little smile on my face. Genius![…]

Couch Prints – Impressions

Think yourself on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves crashing in. The magic push and pull is captured in Couch Prints‘ newest song, the beautifully bright “impressions.” And while the constant rhythm is soothing there’s also some fierce counter element to the calming part. Couch Prints, comprised of Jayanna[…]