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RELEASED TODAY: The Sleeping Tongues – Waiting Room

Brooklyn-based indie-rockers The Sleeping Tongues just released their deliciously funky and highly danceable “Waiting Room” with sexy brass section and all. This is one infectious track and once again showcases the band’s uncanny talent for catchy tunes and their smart execution. Listen to the gloriously groovy “Waiting Room” now: Stream “Waiting Room” on Spotify!

RELEASED TODAY: Joel Sarakula – Analog Dreams

Something old and something new and out comes “Analog Dreams” an atmospheric 70s and 80s synths-pop piece with a super catchy yet at the same time chill vibe. “Analog Dreams” is the new single of Australian born and now London-based singer/songwriter and producer Joel Sarakula. Having made waves in the U.K.[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Tom Adams – Come On, Dreamer

Pure, fragile, ethereal, dreamy, hypnotic are only some of the descriptions instantly come to mind when listening to the glorious “Come On, Dreamer” by British singer-songwriter Tom Adams. The Berlin-based musician combines electronic as well as piano styles effortlessly and together with his intriguing falsetto creates something of weightless beauty.  “Come On, Dreamer” is[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Beach Fossils – This Year

“This Year”, the new single by Brooklyn-based three-piece Beach Fossils is absolutely gorgeous, there is no other way around! Listening to “This Year” is like floating on a big cloud of fluffy cotton balls or lounging on a super comfy air mattress in a serene mountain lake, taking in the[…]

RELEASED TODAY: New Mystics – Modern

“Modern” is the intense and moody yet also totally mesmerizing new single by New Mystics, which is the side project of a band that has toured directly with Radiohead, Bon Iver and The National. That’s all we know so far. Plus the following direct quote:  “As a kid everyone told me to smile, even[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Rondo Mo – Overflow

The menacing urgency in “Overflow” is as gripping as it is compelling and then totally gorgeous as the track fully unfolds. “Overflow” is a dark yet soulful electronic indie gem and the debut single by Rondo Mo. Behind Rondo Mo is the South-Londoner Robbie Redway, vocalist, instrumentalist and producer. Listen to “Overflow” now:  


Brooklyn singer/songwriter Kyndyl Miller aka Kyyn is back with a new single “Stay Lit”. She wrote it originally with the thought in mind of being trapped in a cabin in the woods in the middle of winter, while the fire is dying, but that can be a metaphor for many[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Fufanu – Liability

Mark your calendars! On February 3rd, Fufanu‘s brilliantly teasing single and video releases will all be found on their full length album “Sports”. YES, here’s no doubt that the record will be nothing short but magnificent, for fans of intelligently made indie rock that’s a bit more on the experimental side anyway. “Liability” is[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Autumn in June – Cocaine Eighties

“Cocaine Eighties” is one of these instantly catchy tracks with great beats and an irresistible hook sonically as much as lyrically. Simply trust me on the latter. “Cocaine Eighties” is in essence an indie electronic pop track, yet as Autumn in June states himself “Please don’t box me into a genre.[…]