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Rainlights – Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You

Summer is officially over here, making a melancholic rear view of this season’s memorable experiences even more effective. In “Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You,” Brooklyn-based singer and producer Rachel Chevat, aka Rainlights takes you on a gentle ride through memory fragments that paint a vibrant, familiar picture. Rachel explains:[…]

Scout Gillett

Scout Gillett – 444 Marcy Ave [Video]

Where is 444 Marcy Avenue? If you look at the map, it is a non-descript residential building in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. But that is not what indie rock singer/songwriter Scout Gillett means. She explains: This song was written to encourage my friends and myself to surrender to the[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Beau, Blake Morgan, Cab Ellis, Loyal Lobos

Beau – Life Twice The new single Life Twice by NYC duo Beau comes with a colorful, glittering live performance video directed by Brandon Herman. Watch it, and you surely don’t want to miss their next show. The band says about the song: “‘Life Twice’ is a song about trials[…]

Couvo – Purgatory [Premiere]

We are excited to premiere “Purgatory,” the new single by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Couvo and the last song to be released from his upcoming album, The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory. The gorgeous “Purgatory,” is a slow-building track full of longing and the burning desire for change. “Purgatory” makes for the perfect[…]

Cillë – Lizzie

When the going gets tough, nostalgia to the rescue! “Lizzie,” the new glorious rock-banger by Cillë, throws us right back to a time when such music was played on the radio and when we were young and full of hopes and dreams. Cillë is the stage name of Cecilie Maria[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Kramies, Mamalarky, Scout Gillet, The Church

Kramies – Owl and the Crow We were intrigued by the song’s title, as avid birdwatchers, and while there are no actual birds to be seen in the video, it is refreshingly soothing and stunningly beautiful. Asked about the music video, Kramies says: For one of the first times in[…]

Kate Brunotts

Kate Brunotts – I Can’t Help But Adore You.

Today, Brooklyn-based musician Kate Brunotts releases her debut album “Womb,” an eclectic collection of dark synth-pop songs about topics that have been rattling the country. Kate wrote and produced the album entirely herself and packs plenty of delightful surprises into the ten tracks. Kate says about the album: “Womb is[…]

Sam Sumpter: BANDS do BK [Book Review]

Oliver and I met Sam Sumpter four summers ago when she greeted us as the host of a Sofar Sounds show on the Upper West Side. Since then, the small music world that New York is, our paths have crossed several times. Most notably, in May 2019, when all of[…]

Kimi Stär – Bodies

Electronic alt-pop duo Kimi Stär (pronounced Kee-mee Star) consists of indie house producer/vocalist ZOSIA and pop singer/songwriter Kaitlyn Kaerhart. The two artists had originally met in Los Angeles, CA, and soon thereafter moved both to Brooklyn, NY, where they decided to form a band. Their first single was “Wildfire,” followed[…]