New York City




VIDEO PICKS: Bad Pelicans, Momma, Patrick Holland, Sub*T

Bad Pelicans – Paris How do you feel about a stripped-down song? A distorted bass with sharp drumming, heavy guitar riffs, and the chorus front and center? Add the city of romance as backdrop for the brilliant black and white video and you get something that’s not exactly romantic but[…]


O. Wake – Let’s Get All Pessimistic

O. Wake is the project of Brooklyn-based musician Ofer Shouval. With his second single, “Let’s Get All Pessimistic,” he takes you on a wild music ride against the negativity bias in the news that can become a self-destructive addiction. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

Carly Shea

Carly Shea – Brush it Off

Here at glamglare we are big fans of NYC-based singer and songwriter Carly Shea since her 2020 track “Forever.” Now she is back with brand new music, which adds a good dose of soulfulness to her synth-pop sound. The new swanky, feel-good song “Brush It Off” is about an exercise[…]

Ruby Greenberg – Roses

Ruby Greenberg is a fantastic singer and storyteller. Immediately captivated by her gorgeous vocals, I was equally smitten by the narrative and the words she has chosen to create her new single “Roses.” This is music that makes you pause for a moment so that beauty can fill your senses,[…]


Cillë – Kill or Be Killed

Power games in relationships can be challenging, even when there is no literal killing. “Kill or Be Killed”, the new song by Cillë is “about toughening up in the name of love” and having fun with it. The energetic and upbeat glam rock track features exuberant guitars and laughs in[…]

Skinny Dippers – Night to Day

Do judge a single by its cover and give “Night to Day” a listen already. Super gorgeous, no? “Night to Day” is the new single by Skinny Dippers who enlisted fellow musician Nola Wren to create the cover art. The result is phenomenal and captures the essence of the song beautifully.[…]


While New York indie rockers SOFTCRUSH formed only in the fall of 2021, they demonstrate impressive songwriting chops and exquisite producing skills with their debut single “See You Go” and the follow-up “Puppet.” The four band members each bring their own musical background and influences to the project, and the[…]

Cab Ellis – The East Coast Hold On

“The East Coast Hold On” marks the last single and title track of Cab Ellis‘s second album, out on May 20, 2022. While the year is still only four months old, I know that The East Coast Hold On will be among my favorite albums of 2022. One of the[…]


Rainlights – When My Phone Dies

This year the smartphone as we know it turns 15 years, and there is much discussion and ridicule about how we all are addicted to it. However, Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Rachel Chevat aka Rainlights takes a different angle and confronts us with a simple truth: “When My Phone[…]

The Bergamot – Where the Wind Blows

After all the social distancing and lockdown measures we’ve been through over the past two years, “Where the Wind Blows” feels like a much-needed clarion call to maybe worry a little less and live life a little more. “Where the Wind Blows” is the new single by The Bergamot, comprised[…]