New York City




Frankie Rose – Anything

For nearly two decades, Frankie Rose was busy establishing herself across New York and Los Angeles, with her solo project but also with her projects Vivian Girls, Beverly, or indie-rock band Dum Dum Girls (drums, vocals.) It’s a bit intimidating to read, “Celebrated by countless critical and cultural outlets over[…]

Will Epstein – Oyster Bay [Video]

NYC singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Will Epstein offers a second cut from his upcoming album, the utterly fascinating “Oyster Bay.” While the album’s first single, “Suddenly Rain,” already provided a good taste for the 11 tracks on Wendy, “Oyster Bay” fuels the desire further to wanting to listen to the[…]

Blak Emoji – Mainstay

We know Blak Emoji since the early glamglare days and couldn’t be more excited to see Kelsey Warren (Blak Emoji) release new music but also his back catalog via ECR Music Group. Today, the New York City producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist offers “Mainstay,” the first single from the forthcoming deluxe[…]


Oropendola – Little Alien

“Little Alien” is not a holiday song but fits well with the season. Brooklyn-based musician Joana Schubert aka Oropendola conceived it as a lullaby and the quiet harpsichord line at the beginning indeed calms you down. But then, like the vivid images that cross one’s mind in a half-sleep state,[…]


Meet Rainlights, NYC singer, songwriter and producer

“When My Phone Dies,” the first single of NYC musician Rachel Chevat, aka Rainlights, hits you by surprise with its thoughtful lyrics and intricate production. The follow-up, “Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You,” dazzles no less: with a few strokes, Rachel creates a rich sonic picture of summer carefreeness. Today,[…]

Dead Leaf Echo – Boo

Richly textured with beautiful layers of shimmering guitars and catchy hooks that make you want to start the track all over again before it has even ended, that is “Boo,” the new brilliant single by Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo. You know you have a true gem in your hands when even[…]

Nautics – Crop Circles

New York-based indie-rockers Nautics follow their previous brilliant 2022 single releases “Stop” (with Justine Grove) and “Selfish” with the equally catchy yet more laid-back “Crop Circles.” Their brand new single shows yet another side of their skillful songwriting, with a nod to New York’s indie scene in the mid-00s. Nautics[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Amber Ryann, BAYLI, Hailey Beavis, Jadu Heart

Amber Ryann – Said Than Done LA-based singer and producer Amber Ryann is on the run in this dark, nocturnal video. “‘Said Than Done’ is about the desire to move on from past trauma whilst realizing it never served you, but as the title says, that is always easier said[…]

O. Wake

O. Wake – Odysseus

“You had to be eighteen to enter, but I pressed the button anyway.” Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter O. Wake opens his new song, and you know which internet rabbit hole he is going down. But pleasure and pain are often close together, so his odyssey leaves him with more desires than it[…]

GIFT – Share The Present [Video]

Brooklyn five-piece GIFT just released another brilliant song from their upcoming album Momentary Presence, out on October 14th via Dedstrange. The song is called “Share The Present,” and its double meaning instantly resonated with me. I also took it to heart, as today is my birthday, and I wanted to[…]