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French Horn Rebellion ft. Siné – Versace Eros

“Versace Eros” is the new super catchy single by Brooklyn electronic brother duo French Horn Rebellion featuring soulful Danish pop singer Siné. While the track clocks in less than three minutes, it makes its time count and takes the listener under its spell immediately. Robert and David PM, aka French Horn[…]

Dead Leaf Echo – BOO [EP Premiere]

Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo are a music/art collective that released their debut full-length album, Thought and Language, in 2013. Now, LG Galleon (vocals, guitar), Steve Schwadron (bass), and Kevin Kahawai (percussion, drums) are gearing up to release their third full-length album. But first, they dropped BOO, a five-track EP via[…]

The Poster Child – Garden

A fantastic new addition to the New York music scene is The Poster Child with his big, anthemic pop song “The Garden. I haven’t heard such bold, beautiful, bombastic pop in a long while and I love it! Growing up in the rural American South, Connor, the singer, songwriter, and[…]

Big Bliss – A Seat at the Table

We haven’t heard from Big Bliss in a while, but I am happy to know that they’re still around. Even better! The Brooklyn-based indie-rock trio is gearing up to release their sophomore album. Brothers Cory and Tim Race have recently added Rose Blanshei to their project, and together they just[…]

Blanket Approval – Two Broken Halves

“Two Broken Halves,” the new single by New York-based indie-rockers Blanket Approval, comes with infectious energy and a confident, joyous vibe. The quartet formed in 2021 via chance encounters and the help of a Craigslist ad. We asked Blanket Approval for more info about their new song, and Jack Matteucci[…]

Deadbeat Girl

Deadbeat Girl – These Walls

Deadbeat Girl is the moniker of New York-via-Florida singer, songwriter, and producer Val Olson. “These Walls” from Val’s debut EP What Will It Take conveys the feeling of being locked out in your community in a beautifully melancholic and moving way. Val explains: I grew up feeling like I could[…]

Aisha Badru – Path of Least Resistance

New York singer/songwriter Aisha Badru weighs attraction against the fear of being hurt again in her new single “Path of Least Resistance.” The track brims with sexual tension and possible romance and made me think of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime moi non plus,” but without the 70s[…]

Laveda – Troy Creeps [Video]

When I saw New York indie-rockers Laveda last Wednesday at Arlene’s Grocery playing a show for the New Colossus Festival, they thoroughly impressed me with how far they came from the duo I saw at Much More’s in 2019 and the quartet that they are now. No doubt, already back[…]

What makes a great music festival?

In anticipation of The New Colossus Festival 2023 [First published in our weekly newsletter, February 13, 2023.] Certain key ingredients are needed to create an interesting music festival. It starts with an attractive city. Then, of course, isn’t it all about the performing artists? The music itself. You would want[…]