New York City




Ian McFarland – Plus One to Heaven

New York-based indie-rock artist Ian McFarland celebrates his birthday and the release of his second album Almost There on the same day, together with a show at the iconic Rockwood Music Hall. Talk about reasons to celebrate! The album’s featured track is “Plus One to Heaven,” which we also chose[…]

Lovechild – Hats Off

Today’s my #glamglarepick feature and hey, I’ve enjoyed 5 (five!) days of live music. Five days filled with gorgeous sounds, beautiful people, great vibes, and just all-around a fantastic time. Lio, Steven, and Mike, the three founders of the New Colossus Festival know what they’re doing. And they know music.[…]

Michael Beharie – Ghost

The music that New York-based chamber pop artist Michael Beharie creates is as sophisticated as it is alluring. His newest single “Ghost” instantly enchants with its exquisite flow and finespun build. The song’s intriguing instrumentation is beautifully balanced and Michael Beharie’s soft and airy vocals support the filigree vibe of[…]

Grace Ives

Grace Ives – Loose

The state of mind that “Loose” feels probably familiar to many even if it manifests itself differently than described here. What is new is the joy and energy that the electric production adds to the matter. Whatever Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Grace Ives is going through, she certainly is[…]

Oropendola – Stillness

Oropendola is the lyrical chamber-pop project of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Joanna Schubert. The artist chose a gregarious, enchanting bird native to South and Central America as her moniker, which perfectly characterizes the magical beauty of her music. While new to the scene as Oropendola, Joanna Schubert has been lending her vocals[…]

Marilyn Hucek – Girls Girl

The honest advocacy in Marilyn Hucek‘s new single “Girls Girl” shines through in every word and beat. The super talented singer/songwriter, who also plays piano and guitar, divides her time between Washington, DC, and New York. With a lifelong passion for all things music, Marilyn only recently took the plunge[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Dream Prescription, Kendra Morris, talker, Wallice

Dream Prescription – Wild at Heart Formed in early 2020, Dream Prescription is the electronic rock project of two New Yorkers: DJ/producers Tim Robert and Kent Friedman. They show their understanding and passion for the greatest city in the world in their cinematic and simply gorgeous video “Wild at Heart.”[…]