3 Is A Band: Big Bliss

Listening through the Northside Festival 2017 showcasing bands, I didn’t come far at first because… Big Bliss got my full attention and their debut EP “Keep Near” on heavy repeat despite wanting to make it through the entire list of bands. This Brooklyn-based three piece creates incredibly gorgeous shoegazey guitar[…]

Five Festival Questions for GIRL SKIN

Girl Skin is a Brooklyn band, led by singer/songwriter Sid Simons and multi-instrumentalist Bailey Blu, plus Sophie Cozine (vocals) and Alex Harwood (bass) and we were more than excited that we hosted their second show ever. Brimming with promise and vision, Girl Skin has already a few songs under their[…]

Five Festival Questions for Blonde Maze

Brainstorming about the lineup for our Northside Festival showcase, one name came up immediately and we knew we simply want to have HER: Blonde Maze! Amanda Steckler is the musician behind Blonde Maze and we have been enchanted by her music since song picking “Letters I Never Sent” in 2015. Seeing[…]

Five Festival Questions for Letters to Nepal

It was summer 2014, when we saw Brooklyn-based indie-electronic duo Letters to Nepal for the very first time. Fast forward, we have seen the duo many more times because… they are phenomenal live! Evgeniya Kuznetsova and Anton Fadeev truly put their souls not only into the beautiful music they create but also into[…]

OFFSTAGE: Five Festival Questions for Kinder Than Wolves

Consider us long time fans of Orlando-based three-piece Kinder Than Wolves because in January 2016, we featured the beautiful debut single “Hazel Days” as our Song Pick of the Day. A couple more features followed. Fast forward one year and six months, we are overjoyed to welcome Kinder Than Wolves as part[…]

Northside Music Festival 2016 Recap in PHOTOS

Is it two weeks already since we danced the night away with Grandmaster Flash, playing our favorite tunes? Two weeks since we enjoyed treasured favorites and made new discoveries who will soon be among our darlings too? Roughly fourteen days that glamglare co-hosted their very first showcase at Knitting Factory together with Audiofemme. So[…]

[PHOTOS] Dead Leaf Echo Enchant with an Ambient Set at Pete’s Candy Store (Northside 2016)

As long time fans of Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo, we certainly didn’t want to miss their ambient set at Pete’s Candy Store during this year’s Northside Festival. While many other music fans celebrated Brian Wilson at MacCarren Park around the corner, we gladly enjoyed the peacefulness at this intimate and unique venue. Leaving their[…]