Excited for Chaos Chaos // Plastic Waves // Blak Emoji // Painted Zeros @ Knitting Factory for #NSIDE

Summer in the city and Northside Festival in full swing! So many great bands and interesting showcases to choose from, yet here’s one we’re particularly excited about. Granted, we’re also a bit biased but even if these exciting indie rock acts wouldn’t perform at our and Audiofemme’s showcase at one[…]

More Acts Not to Be Missed at Northside 2016

A few days ago, we collected the artists we’ve seen before and would love to see again, any time, hence “glamglare’s Top Picks for Northside 2016“. With Northside Festival just having started, we got a bit more time to look through the line-up more closely, listen to dozens of bands and[…]

glamglare’s Top Picks for Northside 2016

So many fantastic bands to choose from! Long time favorites, plenty of “must sees” and then those bands we’ve experienced putting on a great live show and whose music we simply love. Hard to select only a few but we decided to feature the bands we’ve seen before but not just that,[…]

Northside Roundup Day 4 – Jackson Scott // Monograms // Hard Nips // Light Asylum // Jackson Scott (2nd show) // Shilpa Ray

While Saturday possibly stood out as the “main” day of Northside Music Festival with more great shows simultaneously happening than one could possibly ever think of going let alone doing so, Sunday -the last day of the festival- offered again plenty of amazing events!  Still a bit sleepy and fully satisfied by Saturday’s shows, we headed down to[…]