SONG PREMIERE: Hardcastle – Millennial Attraction

Nashville based quintet Hardcastle releases “Millennial Attraction” after “Paralyzed” and “No Big Deal”, two beautifully crafted indie rock songs. The gorgeous “Millennial Attraction” kicks it up a notch with its catchy chorus and instant appeal. While the lyrics might suggest a melancholic track when lead vocalist Graham Laderman declares “you hold me close to the telephone[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Sam Brookes – My Girl Drinks Coffee (AR Ferdinand Remix)

The heartbreakingly gorgeous “My Girl Drinks Coffee” by London-based alt-folk singer-songwriter Sam Brookes  gets a remix treatment by AR Ferdinand, hailing from El Salvador. While the original track is intriguing in its own rights, the remix version appears to be a bit lighter and more dance floor ready without compromising the essence of[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Vigil – Mile Wide

Lustrous and soothing piano arpeggios are contrasting beautifully with an underlying melancholic vulnerability in “Mile Wide”. This stunner of fragile beauty is the new single by Brooklyn-based indie-electronic artist Chris Ash, who goes by Vigil. We are thrilled to premiere “Mile Wide” today and are happily drowning in its optimistic sadness, when Vigil’s[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Pretty City – Don’t You Remember Me My Love

“Don’t You Remember Me My Love” is a mesmerizing, beautifully moody and slowly unfolding track, with a guitar solo for the ages. This brand new single by Melbourne’s Pretty City, should put the psych/shoegaze three-piece on the radar of every serious indie-rock fan. Pretty City are comprised of Hugh Matthews (vocals, guitar), Johnny Rock (guitar, vocals) and[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Loveskills – Marx jams

The inescapable allure of “Marx jams” lies in the clever combination of contrasting elements like heavy beats, soft vocals and a sweet melody with a distinct funkiness thrown in. The overall vibe of “Marx jams” is positive, inspiring even and so much-needed this time of year. Brooklyn-based electronic artist Loveskills releases “Marx jams”[…]

SONG PREMIERE: HoneyChrome – I Got The Key

Who else likes firsts? “I Got The Key”, by Brooklyn artist HoneyChrome, is our first exclusive premiere of the year and we are excited to feature this sweet and catchy song! Listening to “I Got The Key” is like drinking a big fat glass of freshly pressed orange juice with a splash of seltzer, tasting the sunshine[…]

The Sleeping Tongues - Bullet Train and Careful Fall

SONG PREMIERE: The Sleeping Tongues – Bullet Train // Careful Fall

Indie rock quartet The Sleeping Tongues released a twin single today, containing the lively and instantly catchy “Bullet Train” and the beautifully pensive “Careful Fall”. I have known both songs for a while and was looking forward to finally premiering them… today! Here is a young Brooklyn based band, who allows themselves to[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Snaz – Strung Out On Candy Bars

“Strung Out On Candy Bars”, the new song and video by Vermont band The Snaz, is about teenage excess yet we are fortunately only talking candy bars here… The song’s intent however, is about how people turn to different things for comfort, not necessarily healthy choices, and how people can go to[…]


At its core “Oh! Lucinda” is a love song, exploring the dynamics of falling in love, giving a new relationship a go and what follows next when it doesn’t work out. Thom Worth wraps this all in an irresistibly gorgeous song, evoking comparisons with The Beatles’ song writing craft or Radiohead’s smart[…]