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Kuoko – Crisis Queen

The German-Vietnamese singer, songwriter, and producer Kuoko brews a perfect mix of contemporary pop music. Her music is chill and atmospheric, and she uses carefully measured genre influences as ingredients, which turns every song into an experience. By all means, go and listen to her second album Troubleshooter (out today)[…]

Human Interest – Slackers Paradise

“Slackers Paradise” marks the last single from Human Interest‘s formidable EP  Empathy Lives In Outer Space, out now via Nice Swan Records. The East London indie-rockers would have one song from their six-track EP left to wrap also into a single release. And why ever not? The sound that Cat[…]

Bored at My Grandmas House

Bored At My Grandmas House – Inhibitions

The Leeds-based singer/songwriter Amber Strawbridge makes music under the name Bored At My Grandmas House. One might think that her moniker refers to the situation that caused her to grab an iPhone and guitar to compose such intimate, mesmerizing songs like her latest single, “Inhibitions.” Amber explains: "'Inhibitions' is a[…]

Eva Gadd – The One

Oxfordshire-based singer/songwriter Eva Gadd always wanted to release a stripped-down version of her pensive song “The One,” and here it is, and it’s glorious! Asked about her vision, Eva reveals: “I wrote this song a couple of years ago, and have always felt it needed an understated acoustic recording which[…]

Liz Cass – Map of the Human Heart

We love the London pop singer/songwriter Liz Cass for her smart, engaging pop songs with an edge. Her latest song, “Map of the Human Heart” – the title track of her upcoming 2024 album – is about the human traits that lead us in and out of conflict. The song[…]

VOIDS – Uncompleted

“Uncompleted,” the new single by Irish indie-electronic duo VOIDS, seduces, enchants, and keeps you on your toes at the same time. Just when you thought you could lean back and chill, an unexpected beat change comes along and enhances the listening experience.  In short, VOIDS brought brilliantly to life what[…]

Georgia Reed

Georgia Reed – Haunted

Georgia Reed moved from Australia to London a few years ago and is finally ready to release some new music. The first single off her new EP to be released next spring is “Haunted” – an energetic, intense synth-pop track reflecting on past events in her life. Georgia recalls: “I[…]

Close Talker – Exodus

Our favorite Canadian indie-rockers, Close Talker are about to release a new album and “Exodus” marks the second single from The Sprawl, due out on March 22nd, 2024. As longtime fans of the band, and as indie music bloggers, we got treated to an early listening of the album, […]

Shaina Hayes

Shaina Hayes – New Favorite [Video]

Shaina Hayes has been splitting her time between farming – she studied agricultural science – and Montreal’s eclectic music scene. With Kindergarten Heart, she releases her second album next February. The first single, “New Favorite,” lives the album’s title with a playful guitar line and a beautiful, heartwarming video. Watch[…]

frances mistry – pick at my skin

Following her debut EP, let them eat grass, (August 2023), frances mistry released the dreamy and simply irresistible “pick at my skin.” I needed to listen to only a few bars of the Brigthon-based artist’s new single to know that I love it, and the track’s sentiment sealed the deal. This[…]