Song Pick of the Day




Marti West – Nobody Knows Me (Like You)

Born in Tuscany, Italy, Marti West is currently based out of London, U.K., where he creates the most tender and touching indie folk. “Nobody Knows Me (Like You)” is another beautiful example of his incredible songwriting talent and can be found on his upcoming album Talking To Strangers, out due[…]


Pitou – Devote

“Devote” is about being human, says Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Pitou. It is also about the perception of time – with exactly one beat per second, it resembles the “tempo of life, in a way, or at least the way we humans measure our lives in time.” With that, “Devote” is a[…]

Cat Clyde – Papa Took My Totems [Video]

Canadian indie-folk singer/songwriter Cat Clyde offers with the vibrant “Papa Took My Totems” another brilliant cut from her upcoming album. Previously, she released the singles “I Feel It” and “Mystic Light,” which makes me want to listen to her third full-length album now. However, a bit more patience is needed[…]

Danielle Cardona

Danielle Cardona – Closure

“I don’t want closure, I just want you, this isn’t over with me and you,” sings Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Danielle Cardona in her latest song and there might be a hint of obsession in the way how she confronts her lover. “Closure” is a catchy but edgy pop song with an[…]

Bodywash – Massif Central [Video]

Bodywash announce a new album with the intense, highly appealing, and totally mesmerizing lead single/video “Massif Central.” The sophomore album, I Held the Shape While I Could, will be out on April 14th via Canadian label Light Organ Records. Comprised of Chris Steward and Rosie Long Decter, the Montreal-based duo[…]

Yvonne Ambrée – Anyone Someone

Singer/songwriter, and producer Yvonne Ambrée, also known as Panteon, released the utterly gorgeous “Anyone Someone” – a song to dream and relax to.  Born in Berlin, the artist now divides her time between Germany’s capital and Brooklyn, New York. That’s also where she collaborated with New York-based producer Jeremy Page, whom we[…]

Madison Steinbruck

Madison Steinbruck – Australia’s Lonelier

Today, Madison Steinbruck releases her debut album “Australia’s Lonelier.” I fell already in love with the record last October together with the first single “Kathryn.” There is some freshness, intimacy, and rawness to her music, even when she checks most of the boxes you would expect from a musician who[…]

Noah Derksen – Love is Such a Hard Thing

The sentiment rings true, and the track is absolutely gorgeous: “Love is Such a Hard Thing,” the new single by Noah Derksen. Noah Derken’s way of songwriting and putting his emotive vocals to brilliant use reminds me of Iceland’s Júniús Meyvant, and I am glad to have come across the[…]

Emm Gryner

Emm Gryner – Burn the Boats

“Burn the Boats” is a 6:16 minutes indulgence with multiple guitar solos, lush horns, and a fade-out. The Canadian musician Emm Gryner calls it what it is: yacht rock, the 70s/80s genre that radiates comfort and beauty. But lyrically, that is not all that Emm had in mind: “This song[…]