Song Pick of the Day




Honey Hideout – Goodbyes

Even though “Goodbyes” marks the debut single of Honey Hideout, it certainly isn’t the work of a music newcomer. The track enchants with an understated finesse, and the beautiful vocals and intelligent build add to its allure. Turns out that behind the moniker Honey Hideout stands Danish musician, producer, and[…]

Fenne Lily

Fenne Lily – Christmas Alone

The holidays always come with a good dose of melancholy. The celebrations of years past seem to shine brighter than the present. Some of that is just nostalgia, but then there are also the people who are no longer with you for one or the other reason. “Christmas Alone,” the[…]

JESSIA – One Before The One

Being on the lookout for “the one” or musing about leaving someone or having been left are standard themes for pop music. However, Canadian pop singer and songwriter JESSIA takes a different spin on the relationship topic in her latest single, “One Before The One.” The song is not only[…]

Gabriela Bee

Gabriela Bee – Maybe

Gabriela Bee is the 17-year-old daughter of the Canadian internet celebrities The Bee Family. That should not distract from the beautiful sentiment of deep friendship in Gabriela’s new track “Maybe.” But there is also the realization that life only becomes more complicated, and unbreakable bonds rarely are. She says: “MAYBE”[…]

HighSchool – August 19

HighSchool are a London-based, Melbourne-raised post-punk duo comprised of Rory Trobbiani and Luke Scott. Their new single, “August 19” is an instantly mesmerizing, chill new offer of their obvious musical talent, which also found the ears of PIAS, signing the band. Revealing an interesting fact, lead singer Rory says about the[…]

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe – Tunnel Lights [Video]

“Tunnel Lights” swells and ebbs like ocean waves on a stormy day. Chelsea Wolfe’s sonic home is the darkness, but she pulls us towards the light in this song. She explains: “‘Tunnel Lights’ is about actually living instead of just ‘getting by.’ It’s about waking up to the fact that[…]

LØLØ – *snow in berlin*

Canadian indie rocker LØLØ shows her tender side with the beautifully mellow “* snow in berlin *.” The track is less than an ode to Germany’s capital than a layered relationship song stripped bare, letting beautiful vocals and a softly plugged guitar shine. The accompanying video also spotlights the now[…]


dalloway – Too

You cannot make it right for everybody. The LA singer/songwriter dalloway knows one or the other thing about this truth from her own life story, so she can pass on a piece of good advice with this catchy power pop anthem: “Why be small, good obedient when you can be[…]

Love Me My Alien – Feel I Found a Friend

Sometimes, it’s a band name, and other times, it’s the sentiment in a title that makes me want to check out a band or a song; in the case of Philadelphia-based indie-rock trio Love Me My Alien, it was a bit of both. Turns out their new single “Feel I[…]


Kuoko – Crisis Queen

The German-Vietnamese singer, songwriter, and producer Kuoko brews a perfect mix of contemporary pop music. Her music is chill and atmospheric, and she uses carefully measured genre influences as ingredients, which turns every song into an experience. By all means, go and listen to her second album Troubleshooter (out today)[…]