Song Pick of the Day




Precious Pepala

Precious Pepala – Looking For Trouble

Why do they tell girls and women not to walk on the street alone after dark? For 17-year-old British singer/songwriter Precious Pepala this question is more than about personal safety; it is about a culture that accepts assault against women like a streak of bad weather. But Precious does not[…]

Smut – Let Me Hate

Smut are a Chicago-based indie-rock quintet gearing up to release their sophomore album, How the Light Felt, due out on November 11th via Bayonet. Along the way, they just released the beautifully mellow and wistful “Let Me Hate.” The intense negative feeling in the title makes a lot of sense once[…]

Alice Pisano

Alice Pisano – Ink

Falling in love is wonderful. In “Ink” Italian, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano goes out of her way to let the other person know. The upbeat, bubbly pop song is an instant mood lifter, and you want to be with her, having fun at that party. Alice says about the song:[…]

Asylums – Instant Coffee

Granted, instant coffee couldn’t be further away from a freshly brewed cup of coffee made from just ground coffee beans if it tried, but it serves as a metaphor for the state we’re in as a society. The new single by British quartet Asylums is no big lament but more[…]

Alice Bowman

Alice Boman – Where To Put The Pain [Video]

Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman puts her reflections in a clear, calm voice over a steady synth line and a rhythm that is as disruptive as the influx of news we receive every moment. “Where To Put The Pain,” she asks when it seems never to stop. But nothing goes on[…]

common goldfish – I Don’t Feel Today

British songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist common goldfish raises important questions with his new single “I Don’t Feel Today.” The track is captivating from the start and offers a fascinating blend of classic piano, psychedelic synths, and earthy vocals. Based in Tottenham, North London, Jonty Lovell (common goldfish) says about his[…]

Rainlights – Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You

Summer is officially over here, making a melancholic rear view of this season’s memorable experiences even more effective. In “Mazzy Star Reminds Me of You,” Brooklyn-based singer and producer Rachel Chevat, aka Rainlights takes you on a gentle ride through memory fragments that paint a vibrant, familiar picture. Rachel explains:[…]

Francie – Casanova

Dark and brooding, yet with a sliver of promise for something meant to last that is “Casanova,” the new single by Francie. We asked the Italian singer/songwriter to tell us a bit more about “Casanova,” and she says: This single was born from the need of creating an energetic, liberating[…]

Scout Gillett

Scout Gillett – 444 Marcy Ave [Video]

Where is 444 Marcy Avenue? If you look at the map, it is a non-descript residential building in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. But that is not what indie rock singer/songwriter Scout Gillett means. She explains: This song was written to encourage my friends and myself to surrender to the[…]

Russel Louder – Come Around

Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Russel Louder follows their splendid debut album HUMOR with the catchy and exquisitely danceable “Come Around.” The track’s chorus is a very subtle and elegant nod to “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record),” really just enough to feel something like recognition and be excited[…]