Song Pick of the Day




Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant – One Hit Wonders (ft. Ria Mae) [Video]

The singer/songwriter Jenn Grant teamed up with fellow Canadian artist Ria Mae for a fun take on the music industry. “We ended up re-writing the verses a bunch of times because, at one point, they were just absolutely crazy,” remembers Jenn. But, whatever they changed, the result is still a[…]

Blonde Redhead – Snowman

As long-time fans of Blonde Redhead, we couldn’t be happier to hear something new from the New York indie-rock trio. The mellow, mesmerizing, and utterly beautiful “Snowman,” is written and sung by Amedeo Pace, who, together with his twin brother Simone and Kazu Makino, makes up Blonde Redhead. In case[…]


Tonguetied – Losing My Mind

“Am I losing my mind?” is a question that is probably familiar to many of us, particularly during the last few years. The singer, songwriter, and producer Elena Garcia aka Tonguetied captured her emotion in a dark synth-pop track, which had a healing effect on her. She recalls: “2021 was[…]

eee gee – ghost house [Video]

“ghost house” is the beautifully quirky and ultimately bittersweet new single by Danish singer-songwriter eee gee. It sees the artist musing about dating life, and her observations come vividly to life in the touching and super lovely music video created by Nicolai Bruun. Like the previous singles, “more than a[…]

Emily McNally

Emily McNally – midnight glitter

“midnight glitter” is a shimmering, ethereal synth-pop song that makes you feel the anticipation for that night when it surely will happen. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter Emily McNally produced, mixed, and mastered the track herself, which gives it a unique intimacy. Emily says about the song: “This track has been sitting[…]

Good Fortune – Stick Around [Video]

We came across chillwave and psychedelic-pop artist Good Fortune early last year when she took our hearts by storm with her charming animated video and beautifully mellow yet catchy song: “Feelin It.” In the meantime, the Toronto and Kingston, Ontario-based singer/songwriter released a few more singles and equally charming videos,[…]

Holly Blair

Holly Blair – Friday, The 13th

The L.A. artist Holly Blair composed and recorded most of this track together with a fellow musician friend in a single session, initially just for fun. But the infectious indie-rock track built around a guitar loop turned out to be too good to let it sit on a disk. Holly[…]

Diners – The Power

Diners today released the magnificent new single “The Power,” the first taste for their upcoming album Domino. Diners is the moniker of guitar pop musician Blue Broderick, who is based in Phoenix, AZ. Asked about the instantly catchy and beautifully comforting track, Diners explains: “There’s a saying among my friends from[…]

Mother Tongues

Mother Tongues – Worm Day [Video]

“Worm Day” is about “compulsive, incessant thoughts that tunnel their way into our brains,” but if you take a hint from the music and the video, those thoughts are more nostalgic than unpleasant. The new dream-pop track by Toronto duo Mother Tongues is a perfect song to revel in summer[…]

Fake A Smile – Don’t Stop [Video]

Following their bright and poppy single “Prom Dress,” British alt-rock trio Fake A Smile released the brooding and much darker “Don’t Stop,” which brings out their great songwriting talent to the fullest. Produced by Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks, Biig Piig,) the song captivates thanks to its minimalist instrumentation, creating an[…]