Song Pick of the Day




Ella Rosa

Ella Rosa – Not Cute

Ella Rosa is a singer/songwriter who moved from London to LA. Her new song, “Not Cute,” is a slow-burning, immersive R&B about finding her own musical style. Ella explains: “I wrote ‘Not Cute’ at the peak of a very formative turning point for me in my life and career. I[…]

Mary Middlefield – Two Thousand One

“Two Thousand One” is only the second single by Switzerland-based musician, singer, and songwriter Marry Middlefield, but I am already looking forward to hearing more from the incredibly talented artist. The song delights with a compelling melody and song structure, brought to life via Mary’s enchanting vocals and some absolutely beautiful[…]

Bethan Lloyd

Bethan Lloyd – Cutting Circuits

Bethan Lloyd is a musician from Wales who fuses gritty danceable pop music with a deeper meaning. Her latest song, “Cutting Circuits,” is “a celebration of relinquishing control, both internally and externally,” and its heavy-hitting beats and rich vocals invite you to do just that. Listen to “Cutting Circuits,” our[…]

The Rocket Summer – M4U

“M4U,” the new single by Dallas-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer The Rocket Summer, is one of these songs that are impossible not to love from the spot, because it is beautifully catchy and infectious in the best kind of way. The track enchants with a mesmerizing rhythm and energy[…]


Oropendola – Little Alien

“Little Alien” is not a holiday song but fits well with the season. Brooklyn-based musician Joana Schubert aka Oropendola conceived it as a lullaby and the quiet harpsichord line at the beginning indeed calms you down. But then, like the vivid images that cross one’s mind in a half-sleep state,[…]

Spring & I – Believe Me

Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis are two self-taught electronic producers who started collaborating on music back in 2017. Under the moniker Spring & I, they have released a handful of singles and remixes to date. With their new single “Believe Me,” Spring & I announce an upcoming EP for early[…]


Geiste – Immortal

Geiste is a French, London-based singer/songwriter who recently became the first signee of Emika Recordings aside from the label founder herself. Her new song, “Immortal,” is a big, sweeping pop song with a mythical vibe, which fits well with the idea of immortality. Geiste is working on a new EP,[…]

Jess Kallen – A Garden Bed of Thistle Weeds

From a very early age on, California-based musician Jess Kallen (they/them) wanted to play guitar, to which I can wholeheartedly relate. While Jess started to play acoustic guitar when only five years old, I was already seven, and while they then moved on to play electric guitar, it took me[…]

LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi – Body Breathe (ft. Monogem)

LP Giobbi is a producer and DJ, but also a pianist in Austin, Texas. For her latest song, “Body Breathe,” she collaborated with LA singer/songwriter Monogem, whom we have already met at several festivals. Highly danceable the song radiates energy and fun. Keep this track ready for a dreary day,[…]

Liela Moss – Ache in the Middle [Video]

British artist Liela Moss announced her new album Internal Working Model out on January 13 via Bella Union. While she previously released the powerful and shimmering “Vanishing Shadows” featuring Gary Numan, she now follows that single with the more melancholic “Ache In The Middle” featuring Jehnny Beth. Both songs promise[…]