Song Pick of the Day




Liela Moss – Ache in the Middle [Video]

British artist Liela Moss announced her new album Internal Working Model out on January 13 via Bella Union. While she previously released the powerful and shimmering “Vanishing Shadows” featuring Gary Numan, she now follows that single with the more melancholic “Ache In The Middle” featuring Jehnny Beth. Both songs promise[…]

Halo Maud

Halo Maud – Pesnopoïka [Video]

The singer/songwriter Halo Maud likes to sing in both French and English, but her new four-track EP Pesnopoïka centers around traditional Bulgarian wedding music. While our Song Pick of the Day, the title track, is rooted in western pop music, Halo Maud gives it her own special touches, like a[…]

Looney Gloomers – Faking Paintings

“Faking Paintings,” the new single by Copenhagen- and London-based quartet Looney Gloomers is as strange and beautiful as its title. With “Faking Paintings,” we get treated to not just one genre but a fantastic melange of several, think 80s new wave, krautrock and punk, and then some. The band, comprised of[…]


Premanition – Mars

Being misunderstood is part of being an artist, so one feels with Calgary, Canada-based musician Fatiha Rezwan aka Premanition that she wants to get away from it all to a place far, far away. How about “Mars,” muses Fatiha in her new epic, orchestral pop song she wrote and co-produced.[…]

Geoff Gibbons – Execution Man [Video]

In a way, it feels like half a lifetime since we last featured Geoff Gibbons with “Keep on Driving,” back in July 2020, yet the world hasn’t changed that much. While we have learned to live with COVID in all its scary forms, new, equally troublesome events are emerging. In[…]


Mörmaid – Mirror (ft. Murmur)

Last Friday, London-based, Norwegian-born singer, songwriter, and producer Live Sollid Schulerud aka Mörmaid, released her new EP “Push Pull” with five deconstructed synth-pop songs. For our Song Pick of the Day, the closer “Mirror,” she teamed up with fellow Norwegian producer Murmur (Sunniva Mellbye) for a song that meanders between[…]

Sofia Lafuente – If You Care

Sofia Lafuente delights with the bittersweet yet stunningly beautiful “If You Care.” The alt-pop singer-songwriter was born in the United States and raised in London by her American father and Spanish mother and, from an early age on, turned to music as a form of escapism. “If You Care” comes[…]

Josephine Sillars

Josephine Sillars – Spend Time Wasting

Leeds-based, Scotland-born musician Josephine Sillars embraces whole-heartedly the trip-hop label for her music. Her new single “Spend Time Wasting” juxtaposes a driving Massive Attack groove with dreamy, distant vocals and invites you to defy the pressure of the moment and recharge by just doing nothing. Josephine is also a representative[…]

Badlands – I Want Blood

Badlands is the artist name of Swedish producer, composer, and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna, who just released her third album, the magnificent Call to Love. The last track and single from the album, “I Want Blood,” is a masterpiece – period. I don’t use such a label lightheartedly, but the[…]


Tanukichan – Don’t Give Up

After Black Belt Eagle Scout a month ago, Oakland, CA musician Hannah van Loon aka Tanukichan has another shoegaze-y life encouragement for you. “Don’t Give Up” is a hard-hitting 1:51 song about pulling yourself out of a mental swamp in a tough but effective way. Hannah recalls: This song is[…]