Song Pick of the Day





PVA – Hero Man

“Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t get to work” – London trio PVA delivers this state of utter inability as a high-energy synth-pop track that reminds us how emotionally engaging well-crafted electronic music can be. Ella Harris, Josh Baxter (both vocals, synths, guitar), and Louis Satchell (drums) are said to put[…]

The Ocean Beneath – Feel

The Ocean Beneath is the moniker of producer, songwriter, and DJ Matt Burnside. Based in Leeds, UK, The Ocean Beneath creates catchy electronic tunes that charm thanks to their mesmerizing flow and, in the case of “Feel,” also thanks to Keeper of Bees‘ lovely vocals. We asked Matt to tell[…]


TSHA – Water (feat. Oumou Sangaré)

London-based producer TSHA makes bright, extremely infectious electronic dance music. Her latest song, “Water,” features iconic Malian musician Oumou Sangaré and is sure to heat this and any coming summer weekends. TSHA’s debut full-length “Capricorn Sun” is scheduled for October 7 via Ninja Tune. Listen to “Water,” our Song Pick[…]

THUS LOVE – In Tandem [Video]

Can you possibly fall in love with the sound of a band based on only one song? Yes, you can, if the song’s anything like “Inamorato.” And if there was ever more proof needed that THUS LOVE is onto something exceptional, here it is. “Tandem,” the new single of the Battleborough,[…]

Jayd Ink

Jayd Ink – Queen St.

Getting into your car and driving through the city at night can have therapeutic powers. Toronto-based singer Jayd Ink likes to use “Queen St” in her hometown for that purpose, and what could capture the nocturnal, atmospheric vibe than a classic 90s R&B song. Jayd Ink says about the song:[…]

Halley Greg – The Ocean [Premiere]

Songwriter, singer and producer Halley Greg is gearing up to release her second album, Straitjacket, by the end of this month. We got an early listen of the album and immensely enjoy its nine tracks, and are especially excited to exclusively premiere “The Ocean today” – a delightful pop anthem[…]


Pearla – Effort [Video]

“I don’t know why it takes so much effort to feel good these days,” sings Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez aka Pearla. Chances are that a similar thought has crossed your mind, too, at times when happiness seems to be just out of reach. But Pearla wraps this sentiment in a[…]

Jbledz – Don’t Fade

“Don’t Fade” is such a bright and beautiful track that the darker subject matter surprises. Jbledz says about his new single: Sometimes you give them “all your love” and you “just get played.” Jbledz is the moniker of Provo, Utah-based musician Jared Bledsoe, who states that music had mattered tremendously[…]


Blondshell – Kiss City

Blondshell is the new project of L.A.-based singer/songwriter Sabrina Teitelbaum. Her second track, “Kiss City,” under the new name, comes with a surprise around halfway: the song explodes like complacency turning into defiance. Sabrina says about “Kiss City:” “I was sick of pretending I didn’t care about love. The song[…]

The Kooks – Cold Heart [Video]

When I learned that The Kooks have a new album coming out, my heart did a little happy jump because these Brighton indie-pop rockers are one of my favorite British bands, hands down. Earlier this year, we already got a taste of the album with the three-track teaser Connection –[…]