Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Foreign Air – In the Shadows

Our Song Pick of the Day is the perfect track to start into the weekend: “In the Shadows” is driven by an insane, thundering beat that will get you in the mood for a good time. The track comes from the duo Foreign Air, who is working on their debut[…]

SONG PICK: Only Shadows – Be Still

It’s no secret that I love high energy, stadium ready, big chorus songs, with cool vocals and I’ve heard quite a few awesome ones lately yet “Be Still” might very well be my new favorite among them. I lost count of how often I clicked on the “play” button, fully[…]


There is plenty of energy in the new song by L.A. band XYLØ: the beat thunders and Paige Duddy shouts out loud in our Song Pick of the Day. Their debut EP is out on Friday and it is excellent!

SONG PICK: Fou De Tois – Don’t Know What To Do

Upbeat. Bouncy. Highly infectious. “Don’t Know What To Do” is all of that and then some more. It’s a super cool indie pop track by the three-piece Fou De Toi from… nope, not Australia and neither the UK but from Sweden, Stockholm to be precise. “Don’t Know What To Do”[…]

SONG PICK: Salt Cathedral – No Ordinary Man

Brooklyn via Columbia band Salt Cathedral has been one of our favorites since we saw them first at CMJ 2014. Now they are back with a new single and presumably their debut album (after two EPs). “No Ordinary Man” pairs Juliana Ronderos beautiful vocals with minimalistic electronics into this outstanding[…]

SONG PICK: Kinds – Hands Up

Karen Warner and Mark Moorish aka Kinds have been making music for a while, but with their latest track “Hands Up” they are surly up to something bigger: it is a bouncy, upbeat piece of music that will brighten up your day.

SONG PICK: Lisbon – Vice

Best of both worlds: pronounced rock guitar riffs over fat dance beats, rich vocals and anthem ready choruses – and you got me hooked, immediately! “What’s your vice, you make me drink it ’til I’m sober” sing Newcastle’s Lisbon and there’s just no escape but to make “Vice” our Song[…]

SONG PICK: L.L. – Salt

LL is a singer/songwriter from London who prefers salt over sugar in loving matters. Our Song Pick of the Day “Salt” is a masterpiece out of the ultra hip genre that people still insist of calling “R&B” – can somebody please find a new name?

SONG PICK: Thea Stapnes – Follow The River

Couldn’t get enough of “Follow The River” yesterday already, listened to it a few times back to back, and like the latest single by Norwegian singer/songwriter Thea Stapnes even better today. Grounded in strong songwriting skills, Thea Stapnes creates music that is energetic and melodic electro-pop which either makes you want to[…]

SONG PICK: Marie Dahlstrøm – Crashing Down

Marie Dahlstrøm’s latest song is called “Crashing Down”, but it feels like a sunrise on a beautiful summer morning. Our Song Pick of the Day features soulful vocals over an elegant and smooth production.