Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

Here are Viola Beach from Warrington, U.K. with a new and truly awesome track: “Boys That Sing” which immediately gets your attention and keeps it so nicely until the last bar. Musically, this is what we want to hear this time of year aka when it is cold! It is especially nice[…]

SONG PICK: The Flavr Blue – Supply

This Song Pick of the Day has been released today by the Seattle three piece The Flavr Blue. The track Supply is like a sunrise in summer with its bright melodic guitar line and the relaxed beat. More of this on their upcoming EP Love Notes.

SONG PICK: Leiik – Words over Yours

Our Song Pick of the Day Words Over Yours comes from the London duo Leiik. It starts slow, just with minimal instrumentation and Amy Spencer’s haunting vocals and builds slowly up. Beautiful.

SONG PICK: The Vagary – Your Lover

What a fantastic up-beat electro-pop song Your Lover is. For me, this is New Order meets Phoenix, with Thijs Havens’ killer vocals thrown in and Vagary, hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, are onto something here! Listen to Your Lover now and tell me if this is not one super-catchy tune!

SONG PICK: Philco Fiction – Runimals

To get into the mood for the weekend, here is our Song Pick of the Day, the bouncy Runimals by the Norwegian duo Philco Fiction: it sounds like they have hired an entire brass orchestra. Their second album is coming out later this month.

SONG PICK: Georgia Mae – Keeper of the Key

I’m staying a bit longer in Australia, musically that is, and head over to Brisbane where Georgia Mae can be found, when she’s not in Sydney. Keeper of the Key is a sweet, slightly melancholic, simply beautiful song. It just has the right amount of tension and build-up for not being[…]

SONG PICK: Exes – Grey

Last week, we saw an episode of the TV show “Nashville” and and there a band consisting of two of the ex-boyfriends of the third band member named themselves “The Triple-Exes”. Our Song Pick of the Day comes from the real world EXES who are from L.A. and their music[…]

SONG PICK: Tyto Alba – Between The Lines

Let’s end the week with the Denver, Colorado indie rock band Tyto Alba: our Song Pick of the Day Between the Lines features melodic guitar layers and and Melanie Steinway’s soaring voice. More music and a video is coming soon.

SONG PICK: TMPL – Keep Falling

Keep Falling is one of these darker electronic songs, filled with a lot of longing, accentuated rhythms, sensual vocals and exploding with desire. Our Song Pick of the Day comes from the Canadian duo TMPL who’s about to release a new EP in the upcoming weeks. Listen to Keep Falling now: