Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Lyel – Shadow

Our Song Pick of the Day is posted from SXSW and comes from an artist, who does not play here, but should be: Finland via Germany singer/songwriter Lyel with her third track “Shadow”.

SONG PICK: LANY – Where The Hell Are My Friends

“Where The Hell Are All My Friends” is one of those synths pop songs that instantly embrace you with a pleasing melody and great hooks yet the lyrics stand in stark contrast with the mellow vibe when Paul Klein starts singing “Have I started to hate California, why am I[…]

SONG PICK: Wildes – Bare

“Bare” is a song by the London band Wildes, which has with Ella Walker only one member. It is a slow-building track full of melancholy and you will have Ella’s voice in your head long after it has finished. “Bare” is our Song Pick of the Day.

SONG PICK: The Hubbards – Cold Cut

“I’m a sucker for you” sing The Hubbards on “Cold Cut”, the beautifully catchy single release for their upcoming EP. Well, what can I say, I am a sucker for UK indie rock, and The Hubbards create the perfect mix of  pleasant pop and intriguingly smart and well crafted alt rock. Listen to “Cold Cut”,[…]

SONG PICK: Morly – If Only Chords

“If Only Chords” is a beautiful slow-burning and intense track built just from vocals and minimal electronic textures. I don’t know much about Morly, but she is playing SXSW next week and has a spot on my must-see list. There is also an EP coming out on April 8th.

SONG PICK: No Hot Ashes – Goose

“Goose” is the debut single by UK quartet No Hot Ashes. Upon listening to “Goose”, enjoying the clear guitar sounds, followed by funky bass lines and an overall super groovy feel, I got fully ‘sold’ on “Goose” when Isaac starts singing. Can’t help loving a Manchester dialect, with No Hot Ashes originating from Stockport, roughly six miles away[…]

SONG PICK: Night Games – Faithless

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Faithless” starts with a beautiful, lush synth line, before singer Constance admits that she cannot let loose, even though she has lost her faith in a relationship. Night Games are a duo from London, who push the combination of female vocals and electronics into[…]

SONG PICK: The Bay Rays – Four Walls

Released TODAY: The debut single of the UK trio The Bay Rays is a short one, with clocking in a little under two minutes but sure enough it doesn’t need more to make you fall for something. In the case of “Four Walls”, it’s the raw energy of good ol’ Ska[…]

SONG PICK: Vérité – Underdressed

Spring has arrived here in New York (at least temporarily) and we are all looking forward for being a little “Underdressed”, like New York singer Vérité in her new song. It is a sing-along power pop tune with something of a dark undertone. Enjoy our Song Pick of the Day!