Song Pick of the Day





Xades – Shaded

Under the name Xades (pronounced “Shades”) Berlin-based DJ MSJY sings to her own music. Her second track, “Shaded,” has plenty of nocturnal club vibes but hints at more ambitions than just being a DJ’s side-project. We cannot wait to hear more from her! Listen to our Song Pick of the[…]

Deathcruiser – Night On Fire

When I first came across Deathcruiser, I didn’t quite know what to do with the moniker, having just returned from a funeral in Germany and contemplating death a good deal. Turns out, behind Deathcruiser isn’t a heavy metal band or a sulky emo crooner but Nashville-based singer/songwriter Adam Roth aka[…]

Siobhan Sainte

Siobhan Sainte – Didn’t Lie

We are happy to report that New Zealand dark pop musician Siobhan Sainte is back with new music after five years. “Didn’t Lie” is a scorching hot song about a love that “could rip you apart, but it’s so good you’d let it” put over a cinematic future pop soundtrack[…]

Lola Kirke – All I Had to Do

Dividing her time between Nashville, New York, and Hollywood, singer/songwriter and actress Lola Kirke released the utterly gorgeous “All I Had to Do,” a brand new single that didn’t make it onto her sophomore album Lady for Sale, out via Third Man Records. That’s Jack White’s label, who Kirke cites[…]

Ana Arts

Ana Arts – Slow

Ana Arts is a musician from London who just released her second three-song EP “Cried So Hard I started To Laugh.” Our Song Pick of the Day is the middle track “Slow,” a future pop song with an intriguing production that matches perfectly with Ana’s unique vocal timbre. Listen to[…]

Pixey – Recycled Paper Planes

Liverpool-based performer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Pixey offers us an incredibly delightful gift in form of her new single “Recycled Paper Planes.” The single can be found on her upcoming mini-album Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes, out in September via Chess Club Records. Pixey grew up loving and making music, yet[…]

Andrés Alcover – Where Did We Go Wrong?

Andrés Alcover‘s double single “Where Did We Go Wrong?,” and “Resigned” remind me of a flurry of favorite sounds from my early teenage years in the late 70s. I hear John Lennon vocally and a bit of a Ringo Starr rhythmically, paired with a bit of Gary Rafferty warmth and[…]

Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz – Hangover [Video]

“I thought this would be easier by now,” sings Madi Diaz in her new song “Hangover,” about the emotional and practical hurdles after a breakup. Things should be ok, but the other person lingers in her mind like the gritty guitars the song is built on. Madi says about the[…]

Aggressive Swans – Dream Manipulation Program

We haven’t heard from Munich indie-pop duo Aggressive Swans in a while, ever since we featured their gorgeous singles “About You” and “Every Teardrop” to be precise, but here they are with the beautifully catchy “Dream Manipulation Program.” Behind the moniker Aggressive Swans are the classically trained musicians Janko Rašeta[…]