Laveda – bb

Almost exactly two years ago the Albany, NY-based indie rock duo Laveda embarked on a tour leading to SXSW, including a glamglare showcase. Then you-know-what happened, and we were all stopped in our tracks. It is a manifest of resilience that Laveda is back to do it again, including showcases[…]

SONG PICK: Overcoats – Fire & Fury (Video)

Overcoats are Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell, who met at college, where they discovered their common love and talent (!) for harmonies and songwriting. They are about to release their second full length album “The Fight”, and have further developed their unique and utterly charming style. Gone are the days[…]

SONG PICK: Forever – Blur (Video)

Here is an artist we are super excited to see live at the spring festivals SXSW in Austin and The New Colossus in NYC: Montreal-based singer/songwriter June Moon aka Forever is about to release a new EP “Close to the Flame” dealing with breakup on Cascine (paradoxically on Valentine’s Day).

SONG PICK: Louis Prince – Lounging

“Lounging” starts of with a feeling of unease due to the eery sounds of chimes (or chains?) yet thankfully, the warm piano and Jake McMullen‘s beautiful and soothing vocals stir the song into a fascinating direction. McMullen chose the moniker Louis Prince for his new project, using parts of his[…]

Our Favorite SXSW 2019 Artist Discoveries

The most exciting and memorable SXSW moments happen when you least expect them; when you are blown away by a new act that you didn’t know before, or by arriving a bit too early to see somebody you had on your must-see list and see someone else instead. Or maybe[…]

SONG PICK: THERE – Swimming Backwards

“Swimming Backwards” is the debut single of L.A. via Tel Aviv duo THERE, who made quite a splash at this year’s SXSW festival. For starters, the song is hard to get out of your mind after you have heard it a few times: electronics and guitar gently flow over the[…]

Jackie Mendoza

SONG PICK: Jackie Mendoza – Seahorse

The ukulele is the instrument of choice of Californian musician Jackie Mendoza, but you would not necessarily notice this when listening to her new song “Seahorse”. Heavily enhanced with electronics the song leads you underwater where she explores the mating behavior of seahorses. Jackie explains: The song’s instrumentation mirrors the[…]

Official glamglare SXSW 2019 Showcase

The reward for going through months of preparations to book a showcase at SXSW is that you can see your favorite acts in one place instead of having to squeeze yourself from venue to venue through the crowds on Sixth Street. If you are in Austin (with SXSW credentials) we[…]