NEW TRACK: Von Sell – I Insist

For sure, Von Sell knows how to write quirky yet catchy electro-pop songs. “I Insist”, his second single, grabs you with weird, distorted sounds and an almost disco-like chorus. Listen to it a few times and it will be hard to get it out of your mind again.

RELEASED TODAY: Dog in the Snow – The Slow/Quick Reveal

This song got me with the very first bar: Helen Ganya Brown aka Dog in the Snow lays out an ultra cool industrial beat and sparse electronics that sucks you immediately in this track. What is she up to? We have already picked her last song “Plastic Body” as our[…]

NEW TRACK: Mt. Wolf – Anacruisis

Where does this song fit in? After starting like a folk song it, turns more electronic before it ends like a rock anthem. So why not let it turn your Monday night into something magical. Mt. Wolf is a three piece from London and “Anacrusis” is a music-theoretical term. Enjoy!

Released Today: Oyinda – Never Enough

There can be too much of a good thing, the saying goes. Oyinda disagrees in her new song: there is “Never Enough”. This is surly true for good music and so we are happy that she is working on a follow-up for her 2014 EP “Before The Fall”. Hopefully that[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Kinder Than Wolves – Hover

RELEASED TODAY: Kinder Than Wolves – Hover This is a band, I am very excited about this year: the Orlando, Florida three-piece Kinder Than Wolves. After their first single, the wonderful “Hazel Days”, our Song Pick, they are releasing today another track from their upcoming EP “Mean Something”, due April[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Pauline Andres – Drive Like Steve McQueen

“Drive Like Steve McQueen” is the first single from Pauline Andres new album scheduled for April 15th. I just love her smoky vocals, supported by a wailing steel guitar and a melodica. There is exactly that kind of melancholy in the song one would associated with a Steve McQueen character[…]


As Europeans, having grown up in the 70s in West-Germany with terrorism bringing the country almost to its knees, having moved to New York across the World Trade Center only several days before the terror events on September 11th 2001, and as avid music lovers and frequent concert goers, we[…]