Shaina Hayes

Shaina Hayes – New Favorite [Video]

Shaina Hayes has been splitting her time between farming – she studied agricultural science – and Montreal’s eclectic music scene. With Kindergarten Heart, she releases her second album next February. The first single, “New Favorite,” lives the album’s title with a playful guitar line and a beautiful, heartwarming video. Watch[…]

Mackenzie Shivers

Mackenzie Shivers – A Cautionary Tale [Video]

“A Cautionary Tale” is the opener of the fourth album Primrose Was In Season by New York musician Mackenzie Shivers, to be released next year. The song showcases a new musical direction she has been pursuing for a couple of years: her favorite instrument, the piano, takes the backseat while[…]

Sunna Margrét

Sunna Margrét – Chocolate [Video]

Our favorite music festival, Iceland Airwaves, is in full swing, and Sunna Margrét is performing there today. Listen to her new delicate electronic track, “Chocolate,” and hear what is so fascinating about the festival and Icelandic music in general: there is a fearless creativity spanning genres without ever being boring.[…]

Lydia Luce – Florida Girl [Video]

It’s been three years since we first got introduced to the amazing musical talent of Lydia Luce, and back then, the Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist was so kind to do a Q&A with glamglare, ahead of the release of her February 2021 album Dark River. Today, Lydia released her[…]


talker – Twentysomething [Video]

The older you become, the more you tend to romanticize your twenties: old enough to be master of your decisions but young enough to see a wide-open road in front of you. But if you are smack-dab in your third decade of life, things look very different, as Celeste Tauchar,[…]


Sybling – Lakehouse [Video]

The sisters Alice and Mariana Makwaia grew up in the East Village of Manhattan and have made music together since childhood. Since 2019, they have released intricately produced music under the name Sybling. Their latest single, "Lakehouse," is a haunting folk-pop song that was triggered by a visual experience. Mariana[…]


néomí – Your Girl [Video]

“Your Girl” is about the complexities of relationships – a topic that is front and center in the work of Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter néomî. But this time, the song comes “not from a place of sadness, but a place of anger.” Anger about the pressure to please someone else and lose[…]

NZCA LINES – Universal Heartbreak

I don’t know about you, but for me, learning how an artist composes music, comes up with ideas, and follows through with them is something that always interests me. I had no idea how multi-instrumentalist and producer NZCA LINES, an artist who landed on glamglare’s radar in the summer of[…]

Cori Nora – Fake Flowers [Video]

Luckily, it’s only two more days until the debut album by Cori Nora drops because the album’s latest single, “Fake Flowers,” including the previous ones, is just so incredibly gorgeous that it makes you long for more. Born in Switzerland and now residing in London, U.K., she creates her music[…]

SPELLES – Beginnings and Endings

Los Angeles-based dream pop duo SPELLES delight listeners with their new magically mesmerizing “Beginnings and Endings.” SPELLES are comprised of Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent who both sing, write songs and produce. Their long awaited debut album Diving Into the Arms of the Divine will drop on November 15th via Sierra[…]