Nothing But Thieves – Welcome to the DCC [Video]

When I learned that Southend-on-Sea indie-rockers released a new single/video, I didn’t even need to listen to it, but I wanted to feature it already. Long time fan here! We saw the five-piece in December 2015 when they played Brooklyn’s Baby’s Alright, a club that, even back then, was already[…]

Laveda – Troy Creeps [Video]

When I saw New York indie-rockers Laveda last Wednesday at Arlene’s Grocery playing a show for the New Colossus Festival, they thoroughly impressed me with how far they came from the duo I saw at Much More’s in 2019 and the quartet that they are now. No doubt, already back[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Akira Galaxy, La Faute, Royel Otis, Skott

Akira Galaxy – Virtual Eyes Seattle artist Akira Galaxy moves through an enchanted world, following a fleeting idea of love. The video, directed by Silken Weinberg and Angela Ricciardi, was shot in France. Akira says about the song: “Writing this song was a cathartic experience. It came together when I[…]

Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley – Don’t Make Me Reach [Video]

“Don’t Make Me Reach” perfectly captures the emotions that flow at a particular moment in a relationship. “Makes me want to start some shit just for the hell of it,” sings Nashville singer/songwriter Savannah Conley because nothing else is working anymore. Does she still care? Wait for the 1:30-minute mark[…]

Oh He Dead – California [Video]

Washington, DC-based funky rock-band Oh He Dead delights with the exuberant “California,” a song that sparkles with fun and joy. Founded by CJ Johnson and Andy Valenti, the duo grew to a five piece. Thinking about California, a lot of images and possible experiences come to mind, yet CJ went a[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Bella White, Fe Salomon, Hannah Rose Platt, Zohra

Bella White – Break My Heart Singer-songwriter Bella White channels heartbreak into a beautiful song, complete with a fabulous video that offers plenty for our eyes. When the video ended, I wanted to start right from the beginning again because it had me squealing at the stunning outfit. The silver[…]

Eaves Wilder

Eaves Wilder – Are You Diagnosed? [Video]

This song is fun, you might think, but London-based singer/songwriter Eaves Wilder tackles a serious topic from her own perspective. While her new track “Are You Diagnosed?” is a sweet romp at first listen, it is about the broken system that is supposed to treat mental illness in Britain. She[…]

Lauren Lakis

Lauren Lakis – Take My Hand [Video]

“Take My Hand” by Austin-based shoegazer Lauren Lakis is about “forgetting what you thought you knew, letting go, bravely opening your mind to something radically different.” The song hits you with a wall of sound, like the emotions of doubt and empowerment when you are about to leave your comfort[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Cat Clyde, Gal Pal, NEWSKI ft. Matthew Caws, poolblood

Cat Clyde – Everywhere I Go Canadian country singer/songwriter Cat Clyde gets around and plays music in different places in the video “Everywhere I Go” – a “breathtaking coming of age track.” Cat just released her new album Down Rounder – give it a spin. Watch the video here:  […]

Léa Sen – Dragonfly ʚĭɞ [Video]

We couldn’t get enough of Léa Sen once we had listened to her brilliant debut EP You Of Now, Pt. 1, of which we had featured “I Feel Like I’m Blue.” Now, the  London-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and mixer follows up with the second part of this EP concept[…]