Alicia Blue – I Want It Faster [Video]

Nashville-based indie-folk artist Alicia Blue sings “I Want It Faster” and seems not to want to quiet down during the last couple of weeks of this year when everybody else slows down. The track will be part of her upcoming EP Inner Child Work PT. 2, out on January 20th,[…]

Scott Vlassis – Never Wanna Let You Go [Video]

“Never Wanna Let You Go,” the new single by London-based R&B and pop singer Scott Vlassis is full of nostalgia and an unapologetic nod to some of the genre’s greatest, like Michael Jackson. It’s easy to imagine that “Never Wanna Let You Go” would have been a super hit for[…]

Vudajé – Shoulda Known [Video]

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Mitch Luján, who goes by the moniker Vudaje (vu • da • jay), released the beautifully wistful “Shoulda Known,” complete with emotive guitar lines and whisper-smooth vocals. The track is accompanied by an atmospheric video that shows Mitch jamming with his band juxtaposed with California’s gorgeous coastline[…]

Nuovo Testamento – Heartbeat [Video]

Italo disco and Hi-NRG trio Nuovo Testamento announce their upcoming album Love Lines with the release of their new single “Heartbeat.” While many contemporaries sound nostalgic or, at the very least, a bit wistful, “Heartbeat” sounds as authentic and real as anything put out in Europe during the 80s. This[…]

Aniqo – This Has to Stop [Video]

The Berlin-based dark pop singer/songwriter Aniqo released her debut album “Birth” last spring, but she does not want end the year without brand new music. “This Has to Stop” probably speaks to the minds of many of us, and there is no better time to change things than a new[…]

Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza – Pedacitos [Video]

San Diego-based singer/songwriter Jackie Mendoza somehow manages to bring ukulele and electro dance beats together. She has already done that with excellence on her debut EP LuvHz in 2019 and is now about to release a full-length, Galaxia de Emociones, next spring. The first single, “Pedacitos,” gives you a preview[…]

Ella Rosa

Ella Rosa – Not Cute

Ella Rosa is a singer/songwriter who moved from London to LA. Her new song, “Not Cute,” is a slow-burning, immersive R&B about finding her own musical style. Ella explains: “I wrote ‘Not Cute’ at the peak of a very formative turning point for me in my life and career. I[…]

Liela Moss – Ache in the Middle [Video]

British artist Liela Moss announced her new album Internal Working Model out on January 13 via Bella Union. While she previously released the powerful and shimmering “Vanishing Shadows” featuring Gary Numan, she now follows that single with the more melancholic “Ache In The Middle” featuring Jehnny Beth. Both songs promise[…]

Halo Maud

Halo Maud – Pesnopoïka [Video]

The singer/songwriter Halo Maud likes to sing in both French and English, but her new four-track EP Pesnopoïka centers around traditional Bulgarian wedding music. While our Song Pick of the Day, the title track, is rooted in western pop music, Halo Maud gives it her own special touches, like a[…]

Geoff Gibbons – Execution Man [Video]

In a way, it feels like half a lifetime since we last featured Geoff Gibbons with “Keep on Driving,” back in July 2020, yet the world hasn’t changed that much. While we have learned to live with COVID in all its scary forms, new, equally troublesome events are emerging. In[…]