Alex Lahey – They Wouldn’t Let Me In [Video]

“They Wouldn’t Let Me In,” the new single by Australian singer/songwriter Alex Lahey, has such a beautiful and vibrant post-punk vibe that I cannot get enough of it! Alex Lahey is not always that obvious in her songwriting, neither sonically nor lyrically, and the track has a more profound meaning[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Goodbye Karelle, JFDR, Nabihah Iqbal, Tapeworms

Goodbye Karelle – Moonroad When I first watched “Moonroad,” the debut single and music video by Goodbye Karelle, I had YouTube on mute but was instantly enchanted by what I saw: a knight in shining armor, in a bleak winter scene, in pursuit of love. Visuals that captivating are a[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Arts Fishing Club, Harriette, Mega Bog, Sophie Colette

Arts Fishing Club – foster falls Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a scenic setting, a joyful delivery, and a fantastic song, of course. The new single/video “foster falls” by Nashville’s indie-rock band Arts Fishing Club offers exactly that. It’s like a 3:14 mini-therapy to enjoy life and give the[…]

Lilac Haze – The Ghost That I Once Knew // Lilac Haze [Video]

Based in Bath, England, singer/songwriter Lilac Haze makes her debut with a double single, both songs equally beautiful and beautifully haunting: the dreamy “The Ghost That I Once Knew” and the mesmerizingly mellow and heartbreakingly sad “Lilac Haze.” Asked about the inspiration behind the two singles, Katrina Swift (Lilac Haze)[…]

Ayleen Valentine

Ayleen Valentine – epitaph [Video]

“When no one’s there, you can pretend they care,” sings LA-via-Miami singer and producer Ayleen Valentine in her new song epitaph. It is not a good state of mind she is in, but the very fact that she turned it into a tender and energetic pop song radiates hope. Ayleen[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Alison Goldfrapp, Fenne Lily, Princess Nostalgia, Roskamala

Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot Alison Goldfrapp calls the music video for her latest release, “So Hard So Hot,” a ‘vignette’ and maybe that’s just a more fancy term for ‘visualizer.’ Nevertheless, compared to many other videos out there, this is an extremely well-done clip, which pulls you[…]

Nothing But Thieves – Welcome to the DCC [Video]

When I learned that Southend-on-Sea indie-rockers released a new single/video, I didn’t even need to listen to it, but I wanted to feature it already. Long time fan here! We saw the five-piece in December 2015 when they played Brooklyn’s Baby’s Alright, a club that, even back then, was already[…]

Laveda – Troy Creeps [Video]

When I saw New York indie-rockers Laveda last Wednesday at Arlene’s Grocery playing a show for the New Colossus Festival, they thoroughly impressed me with how far they came from the duo I saw at Much More’s in 2019 and the quartet that they are now. No doubt, already back[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Akira Galaxy, La Faute, Royel Otis, Skott

Akira Galaxy – Virtual Eyes Seattle artist Akira Galaxy moves through an enchanted world, following a fleeting idea of love. The video, directed by Silken Weinberg and Angela Ricciardi, was shot in France. Akira says about the song: “Writing this song was a cathartic experience. It came together when I[…]

Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley – Don’t Make Me Reach [Video]

“Don’t Make Me Reach” perfectly captures the emotions that flow at a particular moment in a relationship. “Makes me want to start some shit just for the hell of it,” sings Nashville singer/songwriter Savannah Conley because nothing else is working anymore. Does she still care? Wait for the 1:30-minute mark[…]