Palmo X

Palmo X – No Worries [Video]

Xenia Nema is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Ukraine who records under the name Palmo X. The new song is a nostalgic look at the past to inspire hope for the future, despite the current realities in her home country. The elegant, smooth production and the chorus soothe anxieties,[…]

Princess Chelsea – Forever Is A Charm [Video]

Probably no other art form than music allows for less time to either like or dismiss the creative output. “Forever Is A Charm,” the new single by New Zealand producer, singer, and songwriter Princess Chelsea doesn’t dilly dally around but enthralls from the very first note. Chelsea is a fantastic[…]

Ruth Radelet – Stranger [Video]

Cities can do this: even if you live right in the middle, you can still feel disconnected and estranged. In her melancholic new song Stranger, Ruth Radelet reflects about the peculiar connection to her hometown. She reveals: “Stranger” is about a specific kind of loneliness that I have only felt[…]


Laveda – Surprise [Video]

“I’m not surprised that I’m not sober / Being alive is just getting old,” sings Ali Genevich of upstate New York band Laveda. That perfectly describes that sinking post-pandemic feeling that has probably washed over most of us at some point. But life goes on, so Laveda makes an upbeat[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Kramies, Mamalarky, Scout Gillet, The Church

Kramies – Owl and the Crow We were intrigued by the song’s title, as avid birdwatchers, and while there are no actual birds to be seen in the video, it is refreshingly soothing and stunningly beautiful. Asked about the music video, Kramies says: For one of the first times in[…]

Alex Lahey – Congratulations [Video]

Alex Lahey is one of Australia’s most exciting young artists, and she’s back with the highly satisfying “Congratulations,” capturing the all-too-familiar feeling of when your ex (or in Lahey’s case, exes), moves on and settles for someone new. Alex made herself a name with her uncanny knack for creating catchy[…]

Liz Cass – Near Miss [Video]

Big synth chords and powerful, propulsive drums get me every time. They’re an instant nod to the sound of the 80s and a wistful but glorious reminder of what I enjoyed listening to and dancing to in my youth. Liz Cass is on glamglare’s radar since her first two singles,[…]

Elizabeth M Drummond

Elizabeth M Drummond – I Tried [Video]

In music and art generally, effort and result are not necessarily correlated. There are many stories of songs that started with the simplest ideas that proved so effective that the end product was simply irresistible. In case of Elizabeth M Drummond‘s third single “I Tried,” the combination of her gentle[…]

Eddie Chacon – Holy Hell [Video]

LA-based musician, creative director, and photographer Eddie Chacon released an instant classic with his new single “Holy Hell.” The luxuriously groovy track is produced by John Carroll Kirby and accompanied by a vibrant video directed by Sissy Chacon and edited by Brandon Bloom.  While, admittedly, the name Eddie Chacon didn’t[…]