VIDEO PICKS: 9m88, Alice Pisano, Anna Mieke, talker

9m88 – Love Is So Cruel Tapai-based and New York-raised pop artist 9m88 (pronounced “Jo-m-Baba”) released her sophomore album 9m88 Radio via her own label. On the heel of that release comes a fun, at times maybe bittersweet, but ultimately fascinating video for the song “Love Is So Cruel.” Watch[…]

Eliza Edens – I Needed You [Video]

Born and raised in rural Massachusetts and currently living in Brooklyn, NY⁠ —via Colorado and then Philadelphia— Eliza Edens delights with the delicate and enthralling “I Needed You.” The single is the latest offering from Eliza’s upcoming sophomore album, We’ll Become the Flowers, out October 14th. On her album, Eliza[…]

Arny Margret – sniglar [Video]

The new single “sniglar” by Icelandic singer/songwriter Arny Margret is nothing short of utterly gorgeous. From its soothing vocal delivery to its mesmerizing and simply beautiful production. While ‘sníglar’ is Icelandic for ‘snail,” Arny Margret sings in English and clearly knows the language very well as her lyrics are powerful[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Ashe, Mike Baretz, Maddie Zahm, Winter (ft. Hatchie)

Ashe – Shower With My Clothes On L.A.-based singer/songwriter Ashe is not in a good place in her video “Shower With My Clothes On” – literally. While she is dealing with serious issues, others were having fun right around her. Ashe says about the song: “‘Shower With My Clothes On’[…]

THUS LOVE – In Tandem [Video]

Can you possibly fall in love with the sound of a band based on only one song? Yes, you can, if the song’s anything like “Inamorato.” And if there was ever more proof needed that THUS LOVE is onto something exceptional, here it is. “Tandem,” the new single of the Battleborough,[…]


Pearla – Effort [Video]

“I don’t know why it takes so much effort to feel good these days,” sings Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez aka Pearla. Chances are that a similar thought has crossed your mind, too, at times when happiness seems to be just out of reach. But Pearla wraps this sentiment in a[…]

The Kooks – Cold Heart [Video]

When I learned that The Kooks have a new album coming out, my heart did a little happy jump because these Brighton indie-pop rockers are one of my favorite British bands, hands down. Earlier this year, we already got a taste of the album with the three-track teaser Connection –[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Alison Sudol, Elizabeth M Drummond, Spacemoth, Spring Summer

Alison Sudol – Meteor Showers With her new single and video, “Meteor Showers,” singer/songwriter and actress Alison Sudol announces her upcoming album, Still Come The Night, out September 30th via Kartel Music Group. The fascinating video provides a rather intimate glimpse of Alison Sudol performing self-imposed actions and rituals. The[…]