VIDEO: LANTRNS – Gold Threads

Exactly one year ago we saw Brooklyn three-piece LANTRNS live at Palisades for the first show of the year. Since then, LANTRNS played many more shows and now released a brand new song and video. Watch Kaitlyn and her band mates in “Gold Threads” now:

VIDEO: Marching Church – 2016

“2016” by Copenhagen’s Marching Church is an ultra-compelling video from the start. Seeing a calendar from 2016 being set on fire will resonate with many and fans of edgy indie rock will enjoy “2016” even more, because the track is hauntingly beautiful. The single comes off from Marching Church’s upcoming album “Telling It[…]

SONG PICK: Laura Nox – Save a Little Love

21-year old Swedish musician Laura Nox is unhappy with the state of the world and her song “Save a Little Love” conveys a not so hidden message: “It’s nothing but a game we play,” she sings and why does this have to be so bloody violent? Musically, “Save a Little[…]

Video: Big Wild – Invincible (ft. iDA Hawk)

Even when robots take over the world, human spirit will be “Invincible”. Or maybe the message is that the only one who can beat you is yourself? You decide after watching this gripping clip by California producer Big Wild .

VIDEO: Hamish Anderson – Hold On Me

“Hold On Me” is an especially catchy track on Hamish Anderson‘s debut album “Trouble”, featuring 12 blues, folk and rock inspired songs. Now there is a cinematic video to go with “Hold On Me” which is told as an homage to Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” and inter-cut with snippets of Hamish Anderson playing live. The epic[…]

VIDEO: Death Team – Messed Up

Watch Swedish duo Death Team pursuing leisurely activities around town. The video for “Messed Up” has some of the dream-like, surreal vibe of a Fever Ray clip and maybe they took some cue from classic Pet Shop Bot material as well.

VIDEO: Gitta De Ridder – Wanderer

Recently, Dutch singer/songwriter Gitta De Ridder released her alluring album “Feathers” and now offers a video to the lovely “Wanderer”. The video features footage shot by Gitta over the time she made the album, when she was traveling between Devon, London and the Dutch countryside. The video is as visually pleasing as the[…]

VIDEO: Georgie – Company of Thieves

In this video U.K. singer/songwriter Georgie finds herself walking through some dystopian urban setting, where everything seems to go wrong for the people around her. Listen to “Company of Thieves”:

VIDEO: argonaut&wasp – Disco Disco – [The Drum Song]

“I can play the disco, if you can play the drums” go part of the lyrics of argonaut&wasp‘s new single “Disco Disco (The Drum Song” and the clever video to go with is equally fun. The Brooklyn duo, comprised of Trey Schibli and Theo Klein, finds itself on a sunny day[…]