NEW MUSIC: Jerry Williams – Velcro (Video)

U.K. singer Jerry Williams copes with the end of a relationship in her new song “Velcro”. There is nobody around to comfort her, just the relentless blinking lights of arcade game machines. In the end she drives off in a fancy car: at some point you always have to move[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sarah Walk – Still Frames (Video)

Song and video took me by surprise, by storm actually, because I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions. Calm, soothing and stunningly beautiful vocals, singing lyrics of poetic beauty, sparse instrumentation and a rarely told story – all this make “Still Frames” a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Orchid – Body (Video)

“Body” by Orchid has already been our Song Pick of the Day a few weeks ago, but the video kindled our appreciation for the track again. What is Orchid doing here? Where is she?

NEW MUSIC: Less Acrobats – Dirty Lover (Video)

Less Acrobats are a four-piece from Tel Aviv who do eclectic pop music. The video for “Dirty Lover” tells a story on multiple levels. What is going on here?

VIDEO: Drew Vision – Without You

The new single “Without You” by neo soul artist Drew Vision is delightful and catchy in its own rights, to make us want to listen to it again, and then some. But with THAT video? Drew Vision got us at ‘Barbados’! Just what our winter souls need right now (or maybe all[…]

NEW MUSIC: Vuurwerk – Face It (ft. Khazali) (Video)

This video is full of psychological symbolism and this is no accident: when they don’t make music, the London-based electronic duo Vuurwerk are professionally working in this field. For “Face It”, “a song about finding yourself through others, the interplay of ego’s, expectations and the projection of our own feeling[…]

SONG PICK: Bernache – Your Name (Video)

Bernache is the stage name of Canadian singer/producer Emma, who plays in the band Men I Trust (whose song we picked last July). “Your Name” is a raw electronic track that is refreshingly uninfluenced by current musical tracks. The mad synth line competes with a lonesome guitar melody over a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Escence – Industry is Tough (Video)

Daniela Burba aka Escence is a singer/producer who made her way from Italy to London and into uncompromising dance music. In “Industry is Tough” Escence captures the insanity of the music industry, lyrically and musically. Watch Escence, out and about in London, dancing to her crazy beats: Listen to “Industry[…]

NEW MUSIC: Joakim – Numb (Video)

Artist and electronic producer Joakim just released the video “Numb”, directed by Adrian Yu, where he is playing with the intricacies of the plethora of YouTube make-up tutorials as background (foreground, really?) for this great track. But there’s so much more in the video that only reveals itself after watching it maybe a few[…]

NEW MUSIC: Dorine Levy – Feelings (Video)

We have already picked “Feelings” as our Song Pick of the Day a few weeks ago, but together with this atmospheric video the song becomes even better. Watch Dorine and some fancily dressed friends roam a barren cityscape (which looks like a food market after dark).