VIDEO: Bichkraft – Stain of Rest

Hailing from Kiev in the Ukraine, Bichkraft recently visited New York City to play a few gigs and to mainly record more material, after having released an amazing full length album on Wharf Cat Records in June 2016. Their debut album “Shadoof”, is full of raw energy and confidence in trying out things without making[…]

VIDEO: Big Eyes – Stake My Claim

No better way that starting a day with some serious rock. Big Eyes is the band of Kait Eldridge and “Stake My Claim” is a jolt of energy, just under two and a half minutes long. In the video, you will see her walking through the city moving in reverse,[…]

VIDEO: FEWS – 10 Things

FEWS, the Swedish/American quartet based in the U.K., have with their debut “Means” released one of my top favorite albums of 2016 and after The Zoo and 1000 Goosebumps, they put out another video, this time for “10 Things”. Initially, the splatter style B-movie video set in a 60s bowling alley left me a[…]

VIDEO: Electrogenic – In This Together (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian band who is around since the late 80s and I have to admit that I didn’t know them until a few days ago. But there are a lot of younger bands that feel being musically influenced by them so much that they decided to do[…]

VIDEO: The Strokes – Threat of Joy

I love The Strokes. Period. Julian Casablancas’ solo album “Phrazes for the Young” is my personal go-to-album when I’m looking for something up-lifting. It does its job perfectly. Every single time. And so, featuring “Threat of Joy”, the new video by The Strokes is nothing that anybody and even less so The[…]

VIDEO: Factory Floor – Ya

The videos of Factory Floor often contrast with their apocalyptic style of dance music: In “Ya” we see a young woman being busy with operating a non-functional machine in a bright room, which resembles a modular synthesizer (and is actually a piece of art by band member Nik Void). While[…]

VIDEO: MassMatiks – 4AM

East London quartet MassMatiks have released a video accompanying their second stunning single “4AM” and it couldn’t be any better. It follows a proven formula that works so well for emerging bands and is especially appealing: take a great song, tell a story, visualize the song’s meaning and throw in snippets of the band[…]

VIDEO: Banks – Fuck with Myself

It’s good to have Banks back: she delivered one of our favorite albums in 2014 and we are more than eager to hear what she is up to now. This song is a great start and we’ll hear more in September, when her album drops.

VIDEO: Sea Span – Diane

Going through phases when I wish for a different first name, toying with diverse options, along comes “Diane” and easily takes pole position! The indie-pop song features an understated, lush beauty like a hot, lazy Summer day. While lyrically the track is about a break-up, it is not all gloomy but more[…]

VIDEO: I Am Snow Angel – Losing Face

The visuals speak for themselves: just watch I Am Snow Angel in this beautiful pole dance performance for her song “Losing Face”. Also, check out photos of her live performance at Rockwood Music Hall.