VIDEO: Sea Span – Diane

Going through phases when I wish for a different first name, toying with diverse options, along comes “Diane” and easily takes pole position! The indie-pop song features an understated, lush beauty like a hot, lazy Summer day. While lyrically the track is about a break-up, it is not all gloomy but more[…]

VIDEO: I Am Snow Angel – Losing Face

The visuals speak for themselves: just watch I Am Snow Angel in this beautiful pole dance performance for her song “Losing Face”. Also, check out photos of her live performance at Rockwood Music Hall.

VIDEO: Lowell – High Enough

Lowell is back! Her debut album “We Loved Her Dearly” was one of my favorites in 2014 and her new song “High Enough” hints that she is up for an excellent follow-up. The music and video feel a little more subdued than her previous work, but it is still absolutely[…]

VIDEO: Balcony – Satisfied

Earlier this month, London based four piece Balcony, comprised of members from three different continents, have released their new single “Satisfied”. Now, they added stunning visuals to the irresistibly alluring track. The video brings the underlying melancholy and understated beauty of “Satisfied” masterly to life. Shot basically in one long take, the[…]

VIDEO: Spaces of Disappearance – No None

Electronic solo artist Elaine HD aka Spaces of Disappearance has at first a nightmarish experience at a bubblegum-colored night club, but she bounces back, forcefully. “No None” is the first single from her upcoming EP “There is No Loss”, out later this year.

VIDEO: The Hunna – You & Me

The Hunna are quickly becoming one of the hottest young rock bands to originate from the UK and we’re certainly not immune to their highly infectious pop rock! While “You & Me” was released about two months ago, the video has not lost any of its appeal, since it offers everything[…]

VIDEO: Hunter As A Horse – Dead Stars

London duo Hunter As A Horse just released their excellent EP “The Two Magics Vol. 1” and here is a video for the song “Dead Stars”, which has the vibe of an post-apocalyptic video game where a bleak cityscape is devoid of humans, except the mysterious figure of singer Mia[…]

VIDEO: Von Sell – I Insist

Watch the video to “I Insist” by Von Sell. You will not see himself in this video – it is more a post-apocalyptic short film shot in an abandoned hotel in Upstate New York.

VIDEO: The King’s Parade – Gathering the Pieces of a Broken Heart

Last year, The King’s Parade have not only released a stellar EP with “Vagabond” but also two highly interesting videos. Now, they put out a video for “Gathering The Pieces of a Broken Heart” which is equally artistic like the previous ones. It looks like they can’t do anything wrong. […]

VIDEO: Fifi Rong – Forbidden Desire

There is something ghostly about the way Fifi Rong floats through her video “Forbidden Desire”, dressed in white and red and sometimes illuminated from the inside. Fifi is a London singer and producer who has collaborated with some big names, including the Swiss duo Yello, who I was very fond[…]