With Whiskey or Coffee




NEW MUSIC: Ferris & Sylvester – Save Yourself (Video)

Achingly beautiful – melody and visuals! “Save Yourself”, the debut single by London-based folk duo Ferris & Sylvester, conquered our hearts by storm because there’s something so bitter-sweet and simply breathtakingly gorgeous to “Save Yourself”. The duo is the first signing by legendary producer Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Crowded House) to[…]

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Harry Pane – Fletcher Bay

Leave it to musicians to cope with tragic loss in the most amazing way. “Fletcher Bay” with its -as contradictory as this may sound- upbeat melancholy is like golden sunshine after a dark and heavy thunder-storm. Singer-songwriter Harry Pane dedicated “Fletcher Bay” to his late father, who sadly passed away last year, yet both shared[…]

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: August Child – Ebb & Flow

East London-based singer/songwriter August Child delights with “Ebb & Flow” a moody track that’s also a bit on the darker side yet with glorious edges. “Ebb & Flow” is something to reflect on and to be savored. Listen to “Ebb & Flow”:

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Arc & Stones – Let Me Down

“Let Me Down”, the new single by Nashville three-piece Arc & Stones, takes it slow and soulful, with its “don’t let me down so easy” plea in the charming chorus.  It is easily catchy enough to linger and resonate long after the song ended, while a beautiful instrumentation and raspy-charming vocals do[…]

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Andrew Foster – Down The Rabbit Hole

Acoustic guitar, rich vocals, lovely melody with a tiny bit of suspense, smart lyrics… “Down The Rabbit Hole” draws you right in and doesn’t let you go for three minutes and 21 seconds. “Down The Rabbit Hole” is the newest single by U.K. singer/songwriter Andrew Foster and the first tune featured in our[…]