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Q&A with Sandra Arslanian of Sandmoon

Two years ago, “Angels” by Beirut-based indie rock four-piece Sandmoon was one of my top ten favorite tracks of the year. Now the band offers eight new thoughtful and carefully crafted songs on their third full-length album While We Watch the Horizon Sinking. Listen to the album below and meet[…]

Natalia Salter – Million and One

English-Peruvian singer/songwriter and poet Natalia Salter divides her time between London, UK, and Valencia, Spain, and creates beautiful music in between. Her new single “Million and One” delights with an irresistibly catchy melody and lyrics that are as much a call to self-love as they are a powerful mantra. This[…]

Abbie Ozard

Abbie Ozard – ford (drive) [Video]

Manchester-based indie pop musician Abbie Ozard loves driving. In “True Romance” two years ago it was a symbol for never-ending freedom. Her new song, “ford (drive),” is about being driven around by someone special and listening to music together – which indeed comes with a special kind of intimacy. Abbie[…]

Sam Himself – Mr. Rocknroll [Video]

It’s a very fine day when a song like “Mr. Rocknroll” drops. Add an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining music video, and your day is made. “Mr. Rocknroll” is the new, absolutely brilliant single by songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Himself. When not touring, Sam can be found in his home[…]

Una Rose

Una Rose – In The Garden Digging

“In The Garden Digging” – with that Montreal-based musician Una Rose means her mother, who picked up a new pastime during the pandemic isolation. But in the bigger picture, gardening can have a deeper meaning. This is what Una Rose muses about in this lighter, shimmering track. “I think that[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Hailey Beavis, mui zyu, Puma June, Thallo

Hailey Beavis – Blackbird Three’s a charm, no? When we make our way through the flurry of new videos, and decide which ones take our fancy, then Hailey Beavis came up the previous couple of months twice already because we simply love what this Edinburgh-based artist does. We dig her[…]

Rose Gray – Promise Me [Video]

British pop singer/songwriter Rose Gray is on a roll, and there’s no stopping. Not only did her super catchy “Prettier Than You” make it into the FIFA 23 Official Soundtrack playlist, but she backed up the playlisting honor with the just released equally stunning and oh-so-irresistible “Promise Me.” When asked[…]

Ellen Kraus

Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Down

True love is hard to find, and sometimes you can be blinded by the obvious. That is the situation that Swedish singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss finds herself in her new song “Tie Me Down.” as she comes back again and again to the same person. However, the upbeat track comes with[…]

Jenny Bakke – He’s Too Famous Now

We dug Jenny Bakke‘s sound already when she made music under the moniker Helven and gladly featured her single “u my homie.” Now, the Liverpool-based Norwegian producer, songwriter, and musician releases new work under her real name but other than that, nothing has changed. Her sound is unique and edgy,[…]

Ishani – Powertripp

After a year-long hiatus, India and UK raised, London-based artist Ishani releases her new fascinating single “Powertripp.” The song unfolds slowly and tenderly like you might pluck petals from a plum, lush peony, one by one, admiring the flower’s beauty and enjoying its luscious scent. Asked about “Powertripp,” Ishani says:[…]


Pitou – Dancer [Video]

Pitou is an Amsterdam-based artist who we fell in love with earlier this year. Her new single “Dancer” is another highlight from her upcoming album “Big Tear,” out in Spring 2023. While the song never leaves its acoustic roots, she and eight musicians built the track out of many different[…]

Anna Mieke

Anna Mieke – Seraphim [Video]

“Seraphim,” the new song by Irish singer/songwriter Anna Mieke is woven out of intricate guitar play and rhythms and will for over five minutes not let you out of its gentle grip. It is one more beautiful single from Anna’s new album “Theatre,” out Friday, November 18. She says about[…]

Nico Paulo – Now or Never [Video]

Having left Portugal for Canada’s Saint John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, artist Nico Paulo released the mesmerizing and utterly beautiful “Now or Never.” It marks the first single from her upcoming album, out due April 1st, 2023, via Forward Music Group. This is one of the songs I wish I could[…]

Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose – Love / Lover / Friend

NYC singer, songwriter, and producer Caroline Rose artfully captures one moment of confusion in a relationship. As the intensity of the song ebbs and swells between an acoustic guitar line and orchestral blasts, you absolutely get what Caroline says about the song: “When I was younger, I remember having so[…]