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Ayisa – Hallucination

This looks too good. Is this even true? But LA pop singer Ayisa wants you to go for it because great things don’t have to be a “Hallucination.” The disco-tinged track is from her new 6-track EP Pink Diamond, out now. The song was a spontaneous inspiration, as Ayisa recalls:[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Bella White, Fe Salomon, Hannah Rose Platt, Zohra

Bella White – Break My Heart Singer-songwriter Bella White channels heartbreak into a beautiful song, complete with a fabulous video that offers plenty for our eyes. When the video ended, I wanted to start right from the beginning again because it had me squealing at the stunning outfit. The silver[…]

What makes a great music festival?

In anticipation of The New Colossus Festival 2023 [First published in our weekly newsletter, February 13, 2023.] Certain key ingredients are needed to create an interesting music festival. It starts with an attractive city. Then, of course, isn’t it all about the performing artists? The music itself. You would want[…]

Tina Boonstra – If I Could

When we learn to talk about our losses and bereavement, then they don’t become less grave, but the experience becomes less lonely, knowing there are others who went or are still going through a very similar, devastating event. London-based singer/songwriter Tina Boonstra wrote with “If I Could,” an utterly beautiful[…]

Eaves Wilder

Eaves Wilder – Are You Diagnosed? [Video]

This song is fun, you might think, but London-based singer/songwriter Eaves Wilder tackles a serious topic from her own perspective. While her new track “Are You Diagnosed?” is a sweet romp at first listen, it is about the broken system that is supposed to treat mental illness in Britain. She[…]

Olivia Reid – Runner’s High

“Runner’s High,” the new single by Olivia Reid, takes you on a mesmerizing journey you didn’t see coming but one you are all the more excited to be part of. The track begins rather mellow, morphs then into a dancey, groovy number complete with saxophone sprinkles, and ends on a[…]

Lauren Lakis

Lauren Lakis – Take My Hand [Video]

“Take My Hand” by Austin-based shoegazer Lauren Lakis is about “forgetting what you thought you knew, letting go, bravely opening your mind to something radically different.” The song hits you with a wall of sound, like the emotions of doubt and empowerment when you are about to leave your comfort[…]


“People are already walking in my house,” sings London-based singer/songwriter Charli Black aka  CHVRLI BLVCK, in his gorgeous and irresistibly moving new single “Why Did You Go.” No doubt, there’s a lot of hardship and melancholia here when Charli states, “The furniture walks itself out to somebody else’s house.” In[…]


Lia – The One (Not)

“The One (Not)” is about the moment of clarity when a house of cards collapses, and you realize you should have listened to your friends all along: this relationship is going nowhere. Leah Hartnett, aka LIA, from Cork, Ireland, chose a classic pop music theme for her debut single, and[…]

O. Wake – Head in the Cloud

“Someone saw me, for a second, noticed me,” sings Ofer Shouval, mastermind of O. Wake, in his band’s new single “Head in the Cloud.” It is impossible, however, to forget Ofer’s vocals just after a second. When I first listened to an O. Wake song a year or so ago,[…]


Ollella – Head In The Clouds

“Nobody seems to listen / volume’s too loud” is a contemporary truth in music and elsewhere. In her new track “Head In The Cloud,” Seattle-based musician Ellie Barber aka Ollella cuts through the noise with a remarkable production that is bound to keep your attention for the three minutes of[…]

Sam Wrangle – Dress to Impress

Based in Brisbane, Australia, singer/songwriter, and producer Sam Wrangle creates jangly indie rock that is filled with sunshine and feel-good vibes. His new album Smokey Shady deals with a variety of human experiences and tackles everyday occurrences. The album’s lead single, “Dress to Impress” takes society’s obsession with looks and[…]

Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza – Mousetrap

“Mousetrap” is the third single from Jackie Mendoza‘s debut album Galaxia de Emociones, which showcases the creative range of the San Diego-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Is it catchy synth-pop or experimental electronics? Throw in the other tracks of the album, and you are in for a unique musical experience.[…]

vivi rincon – the party

Pop singer/songwriter vivi rincon releases with the beautiful guitar-laced “the party,” the last single from her debut EP crash landing, produced by Matt Martin. The single showcases her songwriting and storytelling craft and leaves enough room to feature her irresistibly gorgeous vocals to the fullest. In “the party,” vivi muses[…]

Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa – Blue Lips

“Blue Lips” is a winterly love story where not only the weather is keeping the temperatures down. “Thinking would we ever do this sober darling / Kissing with blue lips,” sings Canadian musician Rebecca Lappa in her latest song that combines clever lyrics with catchy melodies. She says: “Taking you[…]