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Beech Bossard

Bekah Bossard – Stranger To Myself

“Stranger to Myself” is about losing the grip on yourself and the world around you. This happened to singer/songwriter Bekah Bossard after moving to London. However, she also wants the song to show a way out of tough times. Bekah says about “Stranger to Myself:” “This one always reminds me[…]

Social Order – Crime

We’re excited to hear new music from Los Angeles and Las Vegas-based synth-rock trio Social Order. We loved Social Order’s 2022 single “Never Again,” and can not get enough of the brilliant “Crime” either. The new single will be part of their upcoming EP Tantalize, scheduled to be released in[…]

Alannah Moar

Alannah Moar – Reciprocate

Alannah Moar is a musician based in Glasgow. She wrote the original version of “Reciprocate” at 14 years old and updated the lyrics to a more mature story about “being in a relationship with someone that is good for you, but ultimately wanting to be with someone else that is[…]

FHUR – Hotlines

Following her exquisite 2022 EP Defrag, dark pop artist, producer, and songwriter FHUR just released the moody yet irresistible and very danceable “Hotlines.” While definitely on the darker side of pop, “Hotlines” could be the secret ace in a hot DJ’s repertoire. Born in Italy and now calling London her[…]


Tonguetied – Selfish Girl

“Selfish Girl” is synth-pop at its best. Elena Garcia, aka Tonguetied, sings with silvery vocals over shimmering synth arpeggios. The effortlessly beautiful song was “born from a place of frustration” and got its basic shape within a few minutes. Elena explains “As I grow and find my footing in this[…]

Lime Garden – Love Song

Only yesterday, I saw Warpaint, the female indie-rock icons, live, and here at glamglare, we’ve been following their career since the beginning. The more it is exciting to come across another all-female band like Lime Garden that, similar to the West Coast quartet, impresses with delightful vocal harmonies and intricate[…]


Glasser – Easy

The new Glasser album crux – judging from the four already released songs – is a glistening, soaring affair. While the album deals with many aspects of the human experience, including loss, it musically emphasizes resilience and healing. The fourth single, “Easy,” adds a sing-along quality to the New York[…]

Holly Munro – Glow Up

Singer/songwriter Holly Munro, who calls Dublin, Ireland, her home, provides us with another fabulous taste from her upcoming EP, the gloriously vibrant “Glow Up.” The track comes with an important message and showcases Holly’s gorgeous vocals beautifully. Asked about “Glow Up,” Holly offers: “This song is a reminder that we[…]


Bittersweethearts – Empty

“Empty” by LA quartet Bittersweethearts is about a final, no return breakup. But there is no bitterness in this upbeat, joyful indie rock track that does not shy away from 80s-style synths and a guitar solo. Singer and songwriter Zoe Infante shares the song’s inspiration: “I was in a failing[…]

KANGA – Midnight Horses

The fifth and final single from KANGA‘s upcoming album comes in the form of the glistening and ultra-beautiful “Midnight Horses.” Something in the synths-lines and the overall chill and then again pulsating vibe makes me think of Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer,” but this is just my association, which[…]


Laurence-Anne – Vitesse

Oniromancie – French for the practice of predicting the future from dreams – is the new album by Laurence-Anne. The Montreal-based musician leads you through different dream states, dark and light, with 11 beautiful tracks. Some put you in comfort, others radiate distress. She ends the journey with a nightmare:[…]

TANSU – Downtown

“Downtown,” the new single by TANSU is the embodiment of glorious indie-pop. The mesmerizing track shimmers and swirls and one can’t help but love it from the spot. TANSU’s bright and charming vocals certainly add to the allure. With roots in Ireland and Turkey and now residing in New York,[…]

Girl As Wave

Girl As Wave – Blind Spots

“Blind Spots” is the beautiful new single of NYC singer/songwriter Marci Elizabeth, aka Girl As Wave. The multi-layered synth-pop track flows along with Marci’s ethereal vocals and evokes comfort and nostalgia. She says about the song: "Blind Spots is about the relationship between time, the dreams we have for ourselves[…]

Alex Winston – Hot One

Indie-pop singer and songwriter Alex Winston puts the feeling of joyfully making it through a scorching hot summer day into a magnificent and super catchy song. The hazy “Hot One” sparkles with joy de vivre and modern psychedelic touches that remind me of British indie-rockers Temples. Yet Alex Winston, the[…]

Sofia Kourtesis

Sofia Kourtesis – Vajkoczy

“My muse, my hero, the world should have more Vajkoczy,” says Sofia Kourtesis about this track, referring to surgeon Peter Vajkoczy, who saved her mother’s life. For the Peru-born, Berlin-based electronic musician, this was a dramatic turn for the better in her life and inspired her debut album Madres, out[…]