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ALBUM REVIEW: Ibeyi – Ibeyi

The first I heard of Ibeyi was their third single Mama Says, a beautiful, but heartbreaking song about the passing of their father at 45 and their mother’s reaction to it. “It pisses me off, it drives me mad / That she let’s herself feel so bad” sings Lisa-Kainde Diaz.[…]

3 Is A Band: Broncho

I might have heard Class Historian by Broncho on either a Pandora or Songza playlist and liked it from the spot. What’s not to like? Upbeat and bouncy with a catchy chorus that thanks to its easy lyrics everybody can immediately chime in. The song is in deed so catchy, that it toured my brain all[…]

Nothing More live at Irving Plaza (Juggernaut Tour)

Together on tour were Thank You Scientist, WOVENWAR, Nothing More and Periphery, and on a very cold night, on February 12th, they filled Irving Plaza with fans who came for any of the four bands but hardly anybody knew them all.  I came for Nothing More, since I had seen[…]

Turbo Goth live at Coco66

It’s still smack-dab deep in the middle of Winter in New York City, but this does not keep us from venturing out, going to a show. I wanted to see Turbo Goth ever since I listened to them prior to SXSW 2014, but I missed them (as so many other cool[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Lowell – I love You Money

While everybody else is discussing how musicians and songwriters are compensated fairly, the Canadian electropop artist Lowell goes for the green stuff directly by declaring I Love You Money, naturally in a big and loud celebration. I hope, it loves her back. She’s confirmed for SXSW this March, and I’m[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Susanne Sundfør has already done five albums and is a star in Norway, her home country, but it took a tweet from ex Keep Shelly in Athens singer Sarah P. to make me listen to her sixth album Ten Love Songs. It is a delightful piece of music, not far[…]

NEW ALBUM: Man Without Country – Maximum Entropy

Behind the somewhat confusing name Man Without Country is a musician duo, comprised of Ryan James and Tomas Greenhalf, with live show support from Mike Monaghan on drums/percussions. They’re hailing from South Wales and seem to like their country in the country of Great Britain – despite their band name. Without having known anything[…]

NEW MUSIC: Laura Groves – Committed Language

Let a song start with synthesized mallets and I’m already sold. But from there Laura Grove’s Committed Language becomes only better: she adds more bright synth and vocal layers to something that reminds me on a Kate Bush or Empress Of song. The EP is out soon and I’m already[…]

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Zhala – Aerobic Lambada

This is Zhala’s second video for Aerobic Lambada. Not a postive and minimalistic as her first one, it is rather nightmarish affair: It finds Zhala in the Swedish forest by night and involves a pomegranate fruit. The song is great and I have probably already mentioned that Zhala is an[…]

Adryelle, Feral The Earthworm and Fifth Nation live at Trash Bar

Tuesday night we ventured out to Trash Bar to see Adryelle, an electronic music artist from Baltimore. She is like a darker and less flashy version of Grimes – she also performs alone behind a desk using loops and samples to create her music right there on stage. Last year’s[…]

SXSW MUST SEE: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Must See for SXSW are Catfish and the Bottlemen, making their US touring debut over from Wales and if I ever had only seen them performing on Letterman (unlikely, because I don’t watch TV), I would not have really been impressed. Looks too much like a Julian Casablancas impersonation (huge fan!) and overall[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Nite Fields – Depersonalization

Nite Fields is surly an apt name for this Australian band of four. The music is dark and I can hear 80s gloom rock staples Joy Division, The Cure and The Chameleons in it. Most songs center around a melodic guitar line and Danny Venzin’s deep voice. My favorite songs[…]

SXSW MUST SEE: Swervedriver

Like every appealing music festival, SXSW also ensures to bring on a few of the big name bands or pioneers/legacies in their field. This year, not only Australia’s The Church will be headlining the festival, but 90s shoegazers Swervedriver are making a stop in Austin too, while touring the US[…]