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VIDEO PICKS: Awkward Branches, Gal Musette, Nyte Skye, The WAEVE

Awkward Branches – A Frame (Not a Window) Awkward Branches is the new project of singer, keyboardist, and former Fiction frontman Mike Barrett and close collaborator and guitarist Phil Swan. While they’ve been working together previously in various projects, they finally came to the conclusion that it is about time[…]

Jack Rose & KC Thorpe – Be Alright

Jack Rose is a young singer, songwriter, and TV presenter from Ashford, Kent, in the UK, who teamed up with producer KC Thorpe to create the blazingly beautiful “Be Alright.” It is the first collaboration between the two, although they have known each other for many years. When I asked Jack[…]


Kuni – Sleep Baby

Kuni is the moniker of Rome-based artist Eleonora Danese. Her debut single is the dreamy, bright track “Sleep Baby,” out now on Factory Flaws. It is not meant as a lullaby, but it does have a calming effect, and you can well imagine it inducing sweet dreams on a poolside[…]

Kane & James – Forever

“Forever,” the new single by indie-rock duo Kane & James makes for a fantastic backdrop to enjoy the vivid fall colors on a sunny day. The track delights with its sparkling, jangly-bright guitars and surprises with refreshingly unique harmonies. When asked about “Forever,” the New Jersey-based brothers Kane and James[…]


Sable – Madwoman in the Attic

Singer, songwriter, and producer Isobel Hambleton aka Sable moved from Manchester to Berlin, which allows her to draw inspiration from two major music cities. Her new song, “Madwoman in the Attic,” indeed brings more complexity and unease to the table than your ordinary synth-pop song. This fits well with the[…]

Jamie Beale – Champagne People [Video]

British artist Jamie Beale released today the sparkling and simply irresistible “Champagne People.” The beautifully upbeat track with just the right amount of wistfulness marks the third single from his upcoming debut album Hello Nimbus, out due November 25th. Asked about “Champagne People,” Jamie says: I feel that we are living[…]

Jessica Woodlee

Jessica Woodlee – Dairy Aisle

The dairy aisle of a grocery store is as good a place to fall in love as any other. But you have to act fast. Otherwise, you are left with nothing but dreams and hopes that a serendipitous moment will repeat itself someday. “Dairy Isle,” the second song by singer,[…]

littleuniverses – Sword [Video]

The brooding and utterly mesmerizing “Sword” is the new single by Canadian artist littleuniverses. While the track flirts with darker tones that became popular during the 80s, it is also as catchy as a pop song can be and settles comfortably and irresistibly somewhere in the middle. Think of the[…]

Video Picks: Deux Furieuses, Eaves Wilder, Holliday Howe, Smut

Deux Furieuses – Our Day Will Come A hopeful power anthem, “Our Day Will Come,” marks the final track of Deux Furieuses‘ upcoming album Songs From Planet Earth. Asked about the glorious song, the duo says: “Our Day Will Come” was written during the COVID-19 pandemic at a time when[…]


Sval – Grenade

No, it’s not going too well in Sval’s life. At least, she thinks so in her new song “Grenade” about those moments when you want to throw everything out of the window or – metaphorically – drop a grenade. But then, this is an upbeat pop song that wants to[…]

Seven Purple Tigers – Smoke Communiqué

Seven Purple Tigers are an American-German duo who just released their new fabulous single “Smoke Communiqué,” complete with a very unique and compelling video. Austin Horn and Phil Dyszy, who together form Seven Purple Tigers, conceived “Smoke Communiqué” during a session for their previous single “Ignorance Is Blitz.” They say[…]

Madison Steinbruck

Madison Steinbruck – Kathryn

Once trust breaks, it often cannot be established again. In “Kathryn,” Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madison Steinbruck makes this fact very clear to somebody who cheated on her with the titular woman. Her anger manifests itself in heavy, earthy guitars, and it becomes obvious that she will not change her mind. “Kathryn”[…]

Dead Leaf Echo – Boo

Richly textured with beautiful layers of shimmering guitars and catchy hooks that make you want to start the track all over again before it has even ended, that is “Boo,” the new brilliant single by Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo. You know you have a true gem in your hands when even[…]

néomí – Red Balloon

Breakup songs are often written after the fact and after the mind was made up about its importance and long-term effects. “Red Balloon,” the new song by Surinamese/Dutch singer/songwriter néomi has its origins much earlier. This may explain the intensity of the track, which builds from a simple piano line[…]

Dylan Dunn – I’m Not Clyde [Video]

“I’m Not Clyde” places itself firmly in your ears after only the first casual listen thanks to its infectious beat and easy-going vibe. Add Dylan Dunn‘s warm power vocals and ready is an inevitable hit. What really got my attention, though, is the insight Dylan offers about his new song.[…]