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Léa Sen – Dragonfly ʚĭɞ [Video]

We couldn’t get enough of Léa Sen once we had listened to her brilliant debut EP You Of Now, Pt. 1, of which we had featured “I Feel Like I’m Blue.” Now, the  London-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and mixer follows up with the second part of this EP concept[…]


foil – Twit

These days electronic music is ubiquitous, but few songs capture the pure fascination and excitement of synthetic sound generation as well as “Twit,” the new song by NYC singer, songwriter, and producer Helly Manson aka foil. “Twit” is the first single off Helly’s debut album On The Wing, out on[…]

your hands – down here waiting

Denmark’s Johannes Brandstrup creates alluring and tender pop songs under the moniker your hands. In his latest single, “down here waiting,” he tackles another of life’s seemingly banal experiences. Like in his previous single, “floating,” he tackles the intricacies of modern relationships and how respectful and caring we are with[…]

Eka Laki

Eka Laki – Different

Eka Laki is a Germany-based, Georgia-born singer/songwriter who wants to make her mark at the intersection of the various pop music genres. Her debut album In My Reality is a love story, from its fluttering start to its expletive-filled end. “Different” happens at the mid-point when things turn downward, and[…]

Simon Alexander – lemon trees

Sweden’s Simon Alexander creates beautiful folk songs with depth that you can dream to. Simons’ latest offering is a three-song EP Telefunken By Night Vol 1, which invites you to listen to from “sing” over “lemon trees” to “feast on my heart,” which comes with some really cool whistling and[…]


JFDR – Spectator [Video]

“Museum” is a new start for Icelandic singer/songwriter JFDR and the album’s soaring second single “Spectator” feels indeed as if the artist had found a new voice. The intimacy, the beauty of her vocals, and the intricate instrumentation are all still there, but the music now radiates a confident and[…]

Nightbus – Way Past Three [Video]

“Way Past Three” marks the debut single by Nightbus, an indie-rock three-piece based in Manchester, U.K. With its sophisticated vibe and understated yet irresistible catchiness, it is hard to believe that the track is only the first song the band has released so far. Such great quality and superb creative[…]

Video Picks: Megan Brickwood, OK Cool, Savannah Conley, The Faux Faux

Megan Brickwood – Trinity River Blues On February 24th, singer/songwriter Megan Brickwood releases her new EP Trinity River, and the gorgeous “Trinity River Blues” is part of it. Asked about the track, Megan Brickwood says: “‘Trinity River Blues’ is the first song I wrote in an open tuning. I became[…]

Avalon Emerson

Avalon Emerson & The Charm – Sandrail Silhouette

“Sandrail Solhouette” is a dreamy folk-pop song, so I was surprised that Avalon Emerson is an international DJ who played the decks at many iconic venues and festivals around the world. But together with The Charm – a loose collective of musicians – she takes a new direction and leads[…]

Hallie – Shift the Focus

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Hallie (they/she) delights with the sparkly bright “Shift the Focus,” the last single from the just-released debut EP This is Love. Both, the single and the EP, are a beautifully vibrant portrait of a relationship that came to a halt. This is blissful pop with[…]

Makena Tate

Makena Tate – Tell Me

Makena Tate is a singer/songwriter from Santa Barbara who currently attends Berklee in Boston College of Music. With her latest infectious indie rock track, “Tell Me,” she pushes back a serial apologizer: enough is enough! Makena says about the song: “I wrote ‘Tell Me’ about someone in my life who[…]

Liv East – So Badly

In her new single “So Badly,” London singer and songwriter Liv East muses about timing and losing hope. The instantly catchy track sets the scene for a beautifully swanky vibe thanks to Liv’s gorgeous vocals, as well as the exquisite instrumentation and production. Upon learning that some of London’s finest[…]


Pearla – Unglow The [Video]

Leave it to Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez aka Pearla to write a song about death that is anything but dark. “Trying not to think about things that don’t make sense to me,” she sings in a track that celebrates the mystery of life. Pearla says: “‘Unglow The’ is about mortality,[…]

ESSIRAY – Mr. Perfect

It’s this time of year again, isn’t it? Well, the one that makes us think about our relationships and the people we love or don’t love. And if we’re on the lookout for THE ONE, the upcoming Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on singles and newly bonded couples[…]


Otra – E & M

Otra is the duo of sisters Laura and Kara Malhotra from Pacifica, CA. While they reveal some of their influences below, it is hard to categorize their music. Synth-pop, maybe, but with a lot of sonic curveballs thrown in. But one thing is sure: their latest single, “E & M,”[…]