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Liz Cass – Too Hot

The wait is over! I’ve been on the lockout for my personal Summer 2023 hit song and I think I just found it in “Too Hot,” the new single by Liz Cass. The glorious track sizzles und delights wit Liss Cass’ effortlessly gorgeous vocals. The production is a bit reminiscent[…]


Anastave – Every Night

The wait for a follow-up to Anastave’s 2016 album From The Other Side of the Fire is almost over: She will release I Don’t Want You in the Light on August 31. On nine tracks, the Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer showcases her ability to create atmospheric, electronic soundscapes that[…]

Glou-Glou – Let That Go

Was it not for his stunning, smooth and ultra catchy new single “Let That Go,” Glou-Glou would have gotten me at ‘winemaker.’ Glou-Glou is the solo project of Cam Hovsepian, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and as already mentioned winemaker. “Let That Go” is the follow-up single to his equally gorgeous “Drink[…]


Kayls – Internet

“I need to get off the internet,” sings LA artist Kayls as she muses how much mundane, distracting events on social networks influence her daily experiences. There is not much to add – the song sums up the current state of the net perfectly. Kayls is working on a new[…]

SANDS – When It Starts To Rain

A plethora of associations are possible with a song title like “When It Starts To Rain,” but SANDS might have yet something else in mind. The chugging bass lines, steady drum beats, and captivating guitar riffs create a strong image and mesmerizing vibe, about which the London -based artist says:[…]

Savana Santos

Savana Santos – cheater

“cheater” is about falling out of love, but not in the way the title might suggest. The Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer Savana Santos paints her metaphor with broad, vivid strokes and creates an intimate atmosphere with her elegant bedroom pop production. Savana gives us some background about the song:[…]

Sky_A – Spider Silk

“Spider Silk” offers suspense and drama but also vibrant beauty with an overall mesmerizing vibe. This is the new single by London-based artist Sky Ainsbury, who goes by Sky_A.  For the exquisite drum parts, Sky_A enlisted Adam Betts, yet played all other instruments himself, sang, and produced the track. Lyrically, “Spider Silk”[…]

Laura Carbone

Laura Carbone – Horses

Today, The Cycle, the epic season-spanning album by German singer/songwriter Laura Carbone arrives in summer with the second single “Horses.” The song has the lazy vibe afternoon of a hot summer afternoon but also reminds us that heat often turns into fire these days. Listen to our Song Pick of[…]

eliora – butterflies turn into stomach bugs

The new single by Philadelphia-based pop artist eliora is quite enchanting despite its curve-ball-throwing title: “butterflies turn into stomach bugs.” The track impresses with its playful, upbeat vibe, although the lyrics tell another story. However, eliora beautifully manages to hold it all together thanks to her earthy, solid vocals and[…]

Songs of Lore

Songs of Llore – Always

“Always” explores a romantic relationship as an opportunity for growth: no matter how big the heartbreak, in the end, you learn that you can get through it. Nashville-based artist Amanda Collins, aka Songs of Llore, lays down her debut track as a sprawling piece of dream pop that combines the[…]

Keira Gray – Summer Lovin’ With You

Canadian singer/songwriter Keira Gray makes her debut with the catchy and vibrant “Summer Lovin’ With You.” It’s an upbeat tune with wistful undertones, about a whirlwind summer romance, and whets our appetite for more to come from this young pop artist. About her motivation to start songwriting, Keira says: “I[…]

Celine Love

Celine Love – Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade) [Video]

Here are some more lighthearted summer vibes from London. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, singer/songwriter Celine Love conjures a joyful state of mind in her new song “Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade)” – when love and warm temperatures let your heart beat faster. Even recording the song felt effortless, as Celine recalls:[…]

Laura von Mari – Forevermore

The new single”Forevermore” by Los Angeles-based indie artist Laura von Mari delights with the sweetest mid-90s pop vibes reminiscent of Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears. While the track is carried by pleasant nostalgia, it also sounds fresh and just perfect for summer. Laura’s bright and firm vocals lend “Forevermore” grace[…]


Neeley – take a number

“take a number” is a reverse love song about the moment when being on your own is the next desirable step in on your life. But the Californian singer/songwriter Gabrielle Neeley, who records under her last name, keeps the door open: “take a number on your way our,” she sings[…]

Cade Hoppe – Only Human

New York-based indie-pop artist Cade Hoppe dropped the final single from his upcoming EP Just Look At The Moon, scheduled for Fall this year. Like the previous tracks, “Only Human” gives room to Cade’s soft and ultra-appealing vocals, all embedded in a harmonious, enchanting melody. For me, this has all that[…]