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Fortune Child – Save the One

Recorded in one take, “Save the One” beautifully captures the raw and driving energy of live performances, not only a hallmark of rock music itself but also the alluring strength of Fortune Child. The Florida-based rock trio is comprised of lead vocalist and drummer Christian Powers, guitarist Buddy Crump and bassist Jon[…]

Kid Moxie & NINA

Kid Moxie & NINA – Crime

The synth-pop mavens Kid Moxie and NINA came together for a transatlantic collaboration and recorded the EP Lust. Their latest single, “Crime,” is a seductive track that plays like a movie in your head, which is exactly what the duo had in mind. NINA says: “ [‘Crime’ is] a mysterious[…]

Francesca Luker – Nobody Seems

“Nobody Seems,” the new vibrant single by young singer/songwriter Francesca Luker brims with urgency and buoyant exuberance. A stellar production by Phil Marsden, a groovy vibe, and fiery-charming power vocals bring the track home. This is irresistible feel-good pop at its best and puts the Bristol-based musician on the map[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Arts Fishing Club, Harriette, Mega Bog, Sophie Colette

Arts Fishing Club – foster falls Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a scenic setting, a joyful delivery, and a fantastic song, of course. The new single/video “foster falls” by Nashville’s indie-rock band Arts Fishing Club offers exactly that. It’s like a 3:14 mini-therapy to enjoy life and give the[…]


Detalji – Keep Me Alive

The release of Truly, the debut album of Finish singer and producer Detalji is going to to be especially exciting, because the three singles released so far are laying out different styles highly danceable pop music. While the last two songs focused on raising the energy on the dancefloor, the[…]

Lilac Haze – The Ghost That I Once Knew // Lilac Haze [Video]

Based in Bath, England, singer/songwriter Lilac Haze makes her debut with a double single, both songs equally beautiful and beautifully haunting: the dreamy “The Ghost That I Once Knew” and the mesmerizingly mellow and heartbreakingly sad “Lilac Haze.” Asked about the inspiration behind the two singles, Katrina Swift (Lilac Haze)[…]


Uma – Muay Thai

Uma is a now Barcelona-based artist who draws inspiration from her free-spirited family. Her new song, “Muay Thai,” looks back at childhood memories of her parents. Unlike last year’s ethereal folk song “Granada,” her latest track ventures more into the synth-pop territory. “Muay Thai” is the title track on a[…]

Aisha Badru – Path of Least Resistance

New York singer/songwriter Aisha Badru weighs attraction against the fear of being hurt again in her new single “Path of Least Resistance.” The track brims with sexual tension and possible romance and made me think of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime moi non plus,” but without the 70s[…]

Ayleen Valentine

Ayleen Valentine – epitaph [Video]

“When no one’s there, you can pretend they care,” sings LA-via-Miami singer and producer Ayleen Valentine in her new song epitaph. It is not a good state of mind she is in, but the very fact that she turned it into a tender and energetic pop song radiates hope. Ayleen[…]

The New Division – Modern Life

When was the last time you heard a really good electronic synth-pop piece, one that made you want to start all over again as soon as it ended? A track that is sparkling and bright with a pulsating beat that keeps you going and staying invested. You would want to[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Alison Goldfrapp, Fenne Lily, Princess Nostalgia, Roskamala

Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot Alison Goldfrapp calls the music video for her latest release, “So Hard So Hot,” a ‘vignette’ and maybe that’s just a more fancy term for ‘visualizer.’ Nevertheless, compared to many other videos out there, this is an extremely well-done clip, which pulls you[…]

Le Couleur

Le Couleur – Sentiments Nouveaux

The Montreal trio Le Couleur is back with their first new song since the 2020 album Concorde. “Sentiments Nouveaux” is a bilingual, lush, synth-heavy track that wants to make you move. Or, as the band puts it: “With ‘Sentiments nouveaux,’ we are looking for a sensation, an exaltation, we want[…]

RVG – Squid

Melbourne post-punk quartet RVG of lyricist/frontwoman Romy Vager, guitarist Rueben Bloxham, drummer Marc Nolte, and bassist Isabele Wallace released the beautifully brooding and urgent “Squid” from their forthcoming album Brain Worms, out June 2nd on Fire Records. My favorite line from “Squid” is the mesmerizing mantra-like “Don’t go back in time,[…]