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Laveda – Troy Creeps [Video]

When I saw New York indie-rockers Laveda last Wednesday at Arlene’s Grocery playing a show for the New Colossus Festival, they thoroughly impressed me with how far they came from the duo I saw at Much More’s in 2019 and the quartet that they are now. No doubt, already back[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Akira Galaxy, La Faute, Royel Otis, Skott

Akira Galaxy – Virtual Eyes Seattle artist Akira Galaxy moves through an enchanted world, following a fleeting idea of love. The video, directed by Silken Weinberg and Angela Ricciardi, was shot in France. Akira says about the song: “Writing this song was a cathartic experience. It came together when I[…]

Savannah Conley

Savannah Conley – Don’t Make Me Reach [Video]

“Don’t Make Me Reach” perfectly captures the emotions that flow at a particular moment in a relationship. “Makes me want to start some shit just for the hell of it,” sings Nashville singer/songwriter Savannah Conley because nothing else is working anymore. Does she still care? Wait for the 1:30-minute mark[…]

Excited About: Ibeyi back on Stage in the U.S.

Ibeyi made a splash at SXSW 2015 on the heels of their self-titled debut album. The music of the French-Cuban twin duo was instantly mesmerizing yet difficult to put into a genre: Lisa-Kaindé Diaz plays the piano and sister Naomi traditional Cuban percussion, but they also threw in subtle electronics,[…]

Why Sun – Drift Dance

Danish three-piece Why Sun deliver with “Drift Dance” synth-pop at its best, evoking New Wave’s greatest, like DAF or New Order or more recent acts like Working Men’s Club. However, Why Sun are not basking in nostalgia but are carving out their very own, very danceable sound.  Furthermore, the track[…]

Nabihah Iqbal

Nabihah Iqbal – This World Couldn’t See Us

The London-based multi-faceted artist Nabihah Iqbal took a deviation for her second album Dreamer, now announced for April 28 via Ninja Tune. A burglary of her studio wiped out every progress she had made, and together with other personal circumstances, she had to rethink her approach to music. Nabihah recalls:[…]

Madeline Goldstein – Other World

Los Angeles-based artist Madeline Goldstein released the slow burning and softly brooding “Other World,” a mesmerizing song that explores our innermost desires and the conflicts in expressing them. “Other World” is also the title track of Madeline’s upcoming 12” EP, produced by Matia Simovich (Riki, SRSQ, Body of Light). Madeline’s[…]

The Famous Daxx

The Famous Daxx – Surrender

The new song “Surrender” by London-via-Munich artist The Famous Daxx is an intriguing art pop piece about a surrealist cult threatening a community. For Daxx, the entire creation process is part of the artistic allure of music, and she seeks out female musicians for her recordings. “Surrender,” is on the[…]

Oh He Dead – California [Video]

Washington, DC-based funky rock-band Oh He Dead delights with the exuberant “California,” a song that sparkles with fun and joy. Founded by CJ Johnson and Andy Valenti, the duo grew to a five piece. Thinking about California, a lot of images and possible experiences come to mind, yet CJ went a[…]

Ayisa – Hallucination

This looks too good. Is this even true? But LA pop singer Ayisa wants you to go for it because great things don’t have to be a “Hallucination.” The disco-tinged track is from her new 6-track EP Pink Diamond, out now. The song was a spontaneous inspiration, as Ayisa recalls:[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Bella White, Fe Salomon, Hannah Rose Platt, Zohra

Bella White – Break My Heart Singer-songwriter Bella White channels heartbreak into a beautiful song, complete with a fabulous video that offers plenty for our eyes. When the video ended, I wanted to start right from the beginning again because it had me squealing at the stunning outfit. The silver[…]

What makes a great music festival?

In anticipation of The New Colossus Festival 2023 [First published in our weekly newsletter, February 13, 2023.] Certain key ingredients are needed to create an interesting music festival. It starts with an attractive city. Then, of course, isn’t it all about the performing artists? The music itself. You would want[…]

Tina Boonstra – If I Could

When we learn to talk about our losses and bereavement, then they don’t become less grave, but the experience becomes less lonely, knowing there are others who went or are still going through a very similar, devastating event. London-based singer/songwriter Tina Boonstra wrote with “If I Could,” an utterly beautiful[…]

Eaves Wilder

Eaves Wilder – Are You Diagnosed? [Video]

This song is fun, you might think, but London-based singer/songwriter Eaves Wilder tackles a serious topic from her own perspective. While her new track “Are You Diagnosed?” is a sweet romp at first listen, it is about the broken system that is supposed to treat mental illness in Britain. She[…]

Olivia Reid – Runner’s High

“Runner’s High,” the new single by Olivia Reid, takes you on a mesmerizing journey you didn’t see coming but one you are all the more excited to be part of. The track begins rather mellow, morphs then into a dancey, groovy number complete with saxophone sprinkles, and ends on a[…]