Discovering new music is the best thing about running a blog.

  • We make an effort to listen to all music submitted through this page but we may not be able to reply to each submission. We generally do not respond to submissions via social media.

  • Our capacity is limited by the time we can spend with glamglare. Sadly, there are not enough hours in a day to feature all the music we would like to. We typically wait a few months until we pick another song from a previously featured artist but we do post more music on our Twitter stream.

  • Some of the best music reveals itself only after multiple listens. This is why we are not even trying to be the fastest blog to post new music discoveries. However, if we have enough lead time, we will try to feature music on its release day. As of now, we only occasionally run exclusive premieres.

  • We recommend having your music available on SoundCloud but we will also include Spotify, YouTube, and BandCamp as well. If available, we post the Spotify link and add it to our #glamglarepick playlist. We know you want the streams! (We appreciate playlist followers too; click here)

  • We do not run ads on our site and are reluctant to post anything that exposes our readers to third-party advertising.

  • Making your music available for offline listening increases the chance that we spend sufficient time with it. We have subscriptions for Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music and download MP3 and WAV files. We never share music in ways that are not intended by the artist.

  • Sharing our content on your social media is a win-win: we give each other exposure and generate social signals that cause sites like Facebook to present your music to more people.

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