New York City




Kimi Stär – Bodies

Electronic alt-pop duo Kimi Stär (pronounced Kee-mee Star) consists of indie house producer/vocalist ZOSIA and pop singer/songwriter Kaitlyn Kaerhart. The two artists had originally met in Los Angeles, CA, and soon thereafter moved both to Brooklyn, NY, where they decided to form a band. Their first single was “Wildfire,” followed[…]


Pearla – Effort [Video]

“I don’t know why it takes so much effort to feel good these days,” sings Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez aka Pearla. Chances are that a similar thought has crossed your mind, too, at times when happiness seems to be just out of reach. But Pearla wraps this sentiment in a[…]

Lola Kirke – All I Had to Do

Dividing her time between Nashville, New York, and Hollywood, singer/songwriter and actress Lola Kirke released the utterly gorgeous “All I Had to Do,” a brand new single that didn’t make it onto her sophomore album Lady for Sale, out via Third Man Records. That’s Jack White’s label, who Kirke cites[…]

Tacono Gate – Goner

“Goner” by Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist Tacono Gate demands your attention instantly but in a very good and charming way. Looking at Tacono Gate’s press shot, his influences become apparent -at least to those of us who include Kraftwerk and the likes of our fav bands. Tacono Gate names the German[…]


Beau – Even If You’re Gone

Breakups are rarely equal, and when one side quickly moves on with somebody else, the other suffers even more. If such a situation touches a personal memory, the emotional intensity of “Even If You’re Gone” will give you serious chills. The New York City musicians Heather Goldin and Emma Jenney[…]

Forever Honey – Singing To Let England Shake

Forever Honey follow their 2020 beautiful EP Pre-Mortem High with the dreamy “Singing To Let England Shake,” announcing a flurry of upcoming singles. The Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet is carving out its very own brand of airy jangly pop with soft tones and lovely harmonies.  Forever Honey is comprised of[…]

Julia D’Angelo – Point of View [Song Premiere]

Officially summer, the cool temperatures and the monochromatic grey sky in New York today tell a different story. Still, with a song as bright and beautiful as “Point of View,” things don’t look so dreary anymore. The Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist Julia D’Angelo/strong> releases her new single “Point of View” today,[…]