3 Is A Band: Fiction Plane



3 Is A Band: Fiction Plane

In today’s preparation for our #3IsABand series, I wanted to do something special and decided on a band, who I came to love in early 2009: Fiction Plane.  I was lucky enough to see Fiction Plane performing live on August 13th 2009, at Mercury Lounge. It was an early show and I made sure that my friends and I got there right in time so we could snatch “front row” positions which means at Mercury Lounge basically in front of the performing artist, not even an arm length away! So I found myself in front of Sting’s son on this memorable Thursday evening in August 2009.

Joe Sumner (vocals, bass), Seton Daunt (guitar) and Pete Wilhoit (drums)  blew me away! The show they put on could have totally filled a stadium, and I knew of course that they opened for Police and the likes, and yet that evening they gave a very special performance in front of only 150 excited people. Joe Sumner not only plays bass like his famous dad but his voice even is of similar timbre and quality. The sound of Fiction Plane though is definitely their own: powerful, melodic rock with at times very catchy hooks, that linger around.

Follow Fiction Plane on Facebook and/or Twitter and let’s look forward to their new album which is announced for February 9th, 2015.

While the above photos were taken by #glamglaremusic (nominikat/bouchard), I found a video from the show at Mercury Lounge that I attended, given that it’s five years old and technology wasn’t that advanced yet, it’s pretty good. Enjoy!