Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Oh… this voice! The whole new album Lodge by Lone Wolf is beautifully flowing and simply amazing yet I’m especially smitten with Alligator. Listen to our Song Pick of Monday. ‪
For more info about Lone Wolf aka Paul Marshall, read his bio and the process for creating this album:

Brooklyn Duo A Deer A Horse makes music since 2011 and just released a new single Fighter, our Song Pick of Tuesday.

Something old, and something new, something borrowed… Copycat sounds oddly familiar, yet fresh at the time and all I know is that I am totally hooked on the just released latest song of The New Division – our Song Pick of Wednesday.

Song Pick of Thursday: Farao from London with Hunter. There’s a lot going on in this song.

Feel You by Twin Wave totally grew on me and it might have the same effect on you too, hence our Song Pick of Friday. It’s a slowly building number, with distinct guitars, killer vocals and just the perfect backdrop to finish this one last email and sneak out of the office.

Song Pick of Saturday: I’m not completely sure what Tei Shi is doing in this video, but aside from singing and dancing it also involves paramilitary activity.