FIRST LISTEN: Mr. Twin Sister – Mr. Twin Sister



FIRST LISTEN: Mr. Twin Sister – Mr. Twin Sister

Every year, after the top ten list is out of the door, I discover more music that should have been on there. Maybe. Anyway, it’s too late to change the list, but still time for writing about an album I love more with every listen.

Twin Sister added the “Mr.” to their name for the second album, maybe because with singer Andrea Estella they have only a single sister in the band. They are from Long Island which is not exactly a hip location for music, but it is for sure a beautiful place between the mainland and the ocean. And I get that Long Island feeling from Mr. Twin Sister: much of it is loungy dream-pop with Andrea’s breathy voice hovering over lush synth and guitar lines – ideally to sit on a deck, have a drink and watch the sun go down over the Sound.

Here’s the video for Out of the Dark: