Life Soundtrack: Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing



Life Soundtrack: Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing

The year 2015 is still young and the holidays, together with what they’ve brought us, are still lingering around. Almost 25 years ago, Christmas 1990, I received my first CD player and with it one CD. My back then boyfriend surprised me with this special gift. While I no longer possess the player, I have kept the CD, although I currently couldn’t find it but I know it made it to New York, I definitely held on to that thoughtful man and married him a couple of years later. 

Oliver knew that I loved “goth” in music and style, and so my very first CD ever was Vision Thing by The Sisters of Mercy. While there’s something very memorable about this particular gift, the CD itself not really is, despite the Q Magagazine having named it one of the 50 best albums of 1990. Then again, I am hard pressed to name 10 albums of that year that I would still want to listen to besides Depeche Mode’s Violator and Pixies’ Bossanova that come spontaneously to mind.

Well, I still like Vision Thing, I never ‘loved’ it though, not as much as I did The Sisters’ first one First and Last and Always. For me, Vision Thing simply  is not as rich and dark as its two predecessors, and I would imagine that the issues Andrew Eldritch and band were battling with their label at that time were reason for this rather -may I say it?- comparably lame product. It also was their last full length album. They did call it quits regarding labels and albums.

There’s a stand-out song on Vision Thing though, and the visuals for the official video also support this. So, let’s enjoy More and with all I’ve said above, I’d be happy to catch Andrew Eldritch, who’s still touring live. I only saw The Mission (founded by former Sister’s band mate Wayne Hussey) once. Thinking of it though, it’s often better to let old memories remain just that… memories.