NEW ALBUM: Glower – The Circle Binds



NEW ALBUM: Glower – The Circle Binds

The second Low Motion, the title track of Glower‘s album starts, I loved it already! It’s about the feelings The Circle Binds is able to evoke: it is as if I’m sitting in my favorite bar and surprisingly, an old friend comes in, one I haven’t seen in years but always thought of fondly. This friend and I hug, and we start talking as if there haven’t been years between our last encounter and now. The old intimacy is still there mixed with the excitement of new possibilities and common history to be made.

In a way, the nine tracks on The Circle Binds seem familiar: modern alt rock, with beautiful harmonies and hooks. Occasionally the arrangements are a bit heavier but still on the melodic side – this is by no means a hard rock or metal album. It’s also no fluffy pop. It’s beautiful and energetic though, and grew so much on me that I’ve eventually ordered the vinyl in “Half Opaque Baby Blue / Half Highlighter Yellow“. 

Glower are comprised by Josh Silbernagel and Sean Murray, residing in North Dakota. More info on their Facebook page and/or Twitter.

Trying to wrap my head around WHO Glower remind me really of, there’s one band that comes to mind, which I forgot all about, even though I’ve bought their music back in the 90s and loved it a great deal. This band is Dogstar who got attention maybe mostly because of their famous bass player (Keanu Reeves) but put out highly enjoyable music that would not have needed any celebrity backing. 

Listen to Glower’s album and maybe you too find something you didn’t even know you were missing! Among my favorite tracks are Low Motion, Find Heaven and the title track The Circle Binds and luckily, one of them is also on Soundcloud for you to enjoy: