Album Review: Bully – Feels Like



Album Review: Bully – Feels Like

Bully at Maggie Mae's (SXSW 2015)

Bully at Maggie Mae’s (SXSW 2015)

I found Bully the first time on the lineup for SXSW 2014. I was intrigued by the story of singer and songwriter Alicia Bognanno, who came to Nashville as a sound engineer. We missed their show back then, but one year later they are signed to Columbia Records, released their first album Feels Like and are handled as the next big thing.

For a reason: while their sound is not unique – immediately Wolf Alice, who released their debut on the same day and Speedy Ortiz come to mind – they surly come over as fresh, raw and original. Like if they met, plugged it some guitar and just started playing, while Alicia said sings about what goes through her mind in that moment. Her voice is captivating too, like Gwen Stefani’s stripped from glamour and attitude.

The entire album is just 32 minutes long, distributed among 11 songs, so there is not much time to linger on a specific sentiment. It all goes by like a breeze, like being pulled in Alicia’s world and spit out again, all within a single subway ride.

Feels Like is out now on Columbia Record (Apple Music, Spotify).