PHOTOS: pronoun live at Bowery Ballroom



PHOTOS: pronoun live at Bowery Ballroom

Her stage name alone, raises interest because why would someone choose ‘pronoun’ as their moniker? Turns out Alyse Vellturo does and there is so much more to back up the maybe eccentric name choice.

Ever since pronoun‘s debut EP “There’s no on new around you.”, I considered myself a fan of her beautifully bright indie rock and saw her playing the more intimate stage of Baby’s All Right. While I have missed all her SXSW shows, I was fortunate to see her recently playing one of Manhattan’s prettiest venues, Bowery Ballroom with another show coming up there on November 6th.

While one could have the idea that pronoun might stand shy and to herself on stage, one couldn’t be further away from the truth. The artist is clearly the center and beautifully expressive on stage. She also doesn’t shy away to chit-chat with her band mates and deliver uplifting stage banter, which results in an extremely engaging concert experience.

This together with her great song writing chops and velvety vocal expression might also be the secret to pronoun’s success because there seems to be no stopping for the New York based artist and owner of the indie label Sleep Well Records.

Check out some photos of her recent show and catch pronoun at her next:

== All concert photos by – © 2018 Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

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